Explore Six Unique And Traditional Dishes Of Indian Cuisine

Indian food is very stereotyped into the category of “Curry” and “Naan”. But let me tell you, it is more than Butter Chicken. India is a diverse country, and the unique culture will leave its significance in the recipes of its dishes.

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Unexplored India and its Dishes!
Today we will be going on a tour to India that is mostly unexplored by many of you my friends, order Indian food online and try the traditional dishes that would not only make you fall in love with its recipes but also its culture.

Makke Di Roti And Sarson Da Saag: a winter special in the region of North India, makke di roti, a flatbread that is made from corn flour is served with the sarson da saag which is a gravy prepared by mustard leaves (sarso), radish, green spinach, fenugreek, and spices. It is incomplete without a dollop of homemade butter and a piece of jaggery.

Puran Poli: straight from the heart of Maharastra, is made from all-purpose flour and filled with the stuffing of lentils and jaggery paste. It is a flatbread that is sweet in taste and is cooked in the pan(Tawa).

Misa Mach Pora: many would be so unaware of this traditional dish from Mizoram a state in the northeastern side of India. It is a dish calling your name if you are a seafood lover. Grilled shrimp that is prepared by grilling or roasting them in the hot charcoal, wrapped in the banana leaves, the marination of the shrimp is done by some local spices. Served hot with steamed rice to accompany it, a comforting dish that is very soulful and simple.

Unidhiyu: it is prepared from all the seasonal vegetables that you can think of. A vegetarian dish that is originated from Gujrat, is not only tasty but has many health benefits too. Packed with flavours of beautiful species this dish wins the heat which is traditionally made upside-down in earthen pots.

Macher Dimer Bora: we all know that Bengalis love their fish item, this dish that is made from the eggs of fish is a culinary art that comes from West Bengal. A fritter that has the primary ingredient of fish eggs coated in the batter of chickpea flour and spices. It is served mostly in the monsoon season.

Litti Choka: litti is a dumpling that is made from sattu and is baked in the clay oven and choka is like a dip that is made of roasted brinjal, tomatoes, green chillies, some spices and onions. This dish is on the list of many food lovers is from Bihar.

Final Comments!
Sylvania Indian Restaurant is the place for you if you wanted to explore the flavours of Indian cuisine. Dishes that are cooked traditionally will be your tour to the street of India.

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