Delivery Of Your Order Is Dependent Upon The Following Criterion:

  • We will charge $4 for every delivery.
  • The given address should be under the vicinity of the delivery area of the restaurant.
  • The availability of the menu item as well as the quantity adhering to the delivery policies.
  • For large orders of above 50people a pre-order is required at least 24hours before the time you want the food to be delivered.
  • In case of unavailability of menu items, you will be informed instantly and your order will not be placed.
  • Delivery timings may delay on public holidays and weekends.
  • The prices are inclusive of all taxes, and delivery charges. You need not pay the delivery person.
  • You may call the restaurant to trace your order status.

Food Vouchers

  • Food vouchers are not case sensitive.
  • Food vouchers cannot be clubbed with any other offers or discounts, if not mentioned otherwise.
  • Food vouchers, offers or discounts may not work if the applied terms and conditions are not maintained.
  • Sylvania Indian Restaurant reserves the right to accept or reject all kinds of food vouchers based on the applied terms and conditions.
  • All food vouchers are valid for a certain time limit, and cannot be used after the validity period.
  • In order to redeem vouchers, customers must present the food voucher, as a printed copy or e-voucher, at the counter or mention the voucher code before placing their order. If the customer fails to show the voucher, or mention the voucher code, then it will lead to cancellation of order.

Cancellation/Modification Of Your Order

  • In case of modification or cancellation of your order, there is no refund/reduction of bill once an order has been placed.
  • Non-availability of ordered item is eligible for refunds, in case you have paid through credit card, the paid amount will be returned, and the transaction will reverse to Sylvania Indian Restaurant to appear on the credit card statement.