Return policy

We want our customers to be happy! We hope that you are content with the orders that you make. You can contact us if you face any kind of problems.

For your convenience, we have listed down some of the issues, which you might face, and their plausible solutions:

Wrong food item delivered

If you ever receive, a different cuisine from the one mentioned in your receipt then we beg your pardon. Please let us know immediately so that we can get you the right one delivered. We will never charge for delivering it.


We are aware of your hunger pangs when you call us. We always try our best to get you your ordered meal within the delivery time. However, if for any reason, there is a delay then you have full freedom to cancel your order.

Bad food

We always prepare your food with care and use only the freshest ingredients for it. Your health is our priority. If you ever find spoilt food delivered to your house or have any complaints pertaining to careless packaging and uncared delivery then please contact us.

We will take the pains of cooking new ones and ensure they are the best. You may also alter your order to something new. Do not worry about your receipt; we will correct it for you! If you want, we will redeliver it to you free of cost, but only within 5kms.

Missed your food

Even though it is a rare case, you might notice that we missed on one of your ordered food items. Please contact us if this happens. We will redeliver it, free of cost.

You are free to cancel the missed cuisine and we will refund your money.