Experience the Culinary Wonders Of India At Dolls Point


We all know the wonders that Indian food brings to our taste buds. To enhance that, we have a brand new Indian Restaurant in Dolls Point that will satisfy your dietary cravings. 

The Indian Cuisine that we offer here is known to take you on a spicy journey that will open up your sensory experience to the next level. The level of taste and flavors this cuisine has on offer makes it stand out in front of other dishes.

We are bringing you the most extraordinarily comprehensive menu of delicacies that are served hot along with the best ambiance to beautifully enhance your indulgence.

Here are the reasons to check out the food in this restaurant:

  1. Exotic Mix of Dishes: You will see the most scrumptious blend of Indian curries and dishes on a huge plate called thali. These delicacies are the best representation of the cultures and traditions they belong to.
  2. Huge Variety of Dietary Preferences: You will see many dishes that are vegetarian. Apart from that, you will also have a taste of our meat-based foods that are famous worldwide. Our desserts and sweets define the characteristics of our cultures and oneness in such a diverse population.
  3. You will want more of these: These culinary delights offered here will make you want more due to the flavours that will spell magic in your taste buds. That’s why people prefer these dishes in large numbers.
  4. One Plate Can Suffice The Needs Of Two People: Due to the presence of so many curries, one thaali is enough to suffice the hunger of two people effectively.
  5. Nutritional Value: The nutritional significance these foods carry makes them preferable for health-conscious people.

You will encounter many of these foods that will make your food indulgence more divine. Here are some of the dishes that have struck a chord amongst food lovers across the world:

  • Dal Makhni: This delicacy consists of lentils cooked in butter and spices. You can have this dish with roti and naan. It will make for a delightful dinner option.
  • Biriyani: If you say you don’t love biriyani, then you are lying. Prepared with chicken marinated in curd and spices beautifully mixed in rice, this dish is a food lover’s love affair that will always give him a beautiful pleasure.
  • Chole: This dish is made of chickpeas cooked as a curry along with a variety of spices. You eat this dish with poori or bhatura, which takes the indulgence of this dish to an extraordinary level.
  • Palak Paneer: If you haven’t heard about this dish, then you don’t know the Indian cuisine clearly. This delicacy consists of cottage cheese cooked with spinach and selected masalas that define this food perfectly. You can serve this lovely thing with roti or naan for an enhanced experience.

These are some of the culinary bests offered by us. If you want to know more about our foods and their flavours, you can always come to us. We will provide the best food consumption that you can ever have.

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