Why People Love a Royal Indian Cuisine and What are Its Benefits

Whenever we hear the term “Royal Indian Cuisine,” the first thing to hit the mind is spices. Spices in Indian cuisine are well known to add some mouth-watering flavors to the delicacies. These delicacies have made people go to the best Indian restaurant in Bexley for a heavenly indulgence.

There are many Indian dishes that have made their way into the kitchen of many royal families of India. Not just in India, some of these delicacies have even made it into the dinners of many international events. This is why people consuming Indian food in Bexley are on the rise.

Here are the reasons why You should go for Royal Indian Cuisine:

  • Eclectic Mix of dishes: Every Royal Indian thaali will be served with a mix of various Indian curries and dishes. These dishes and curries are a part of each culture and will give us an insight into these cultures.
  • A Variety of Dishes: Be it vegetarian, non-vegetarian food, sweets, and appetizers, Royal Indian cuisines have no dearth in quantity.
  • Will make you ask more: The spicy content in these dishes is mouth-watering, making you want more of these.
  • One Plate Sufficient for Two People; Due to the presence of a lot of curries, people tend to share one thaali itself. A single thaali will suffice the needs of two people in a restaurant.

You will see a lot of dishes that will make your dining experience quite heavenly. There are these cuisines from Royal Indian kitchens that still hit the chords among food lovers across the globe:

  • Daal Baati Churma: Made of lentils and baked/fried wheat balls, this dish has a lot of ghee and churma to entertain your taste buds. This dish is something you must eat while in Rajasthan.
  • Shahi Gatte ki Sabji: Another famous dish in Rajasthan, this dish consists of curd mixed with various spices.
  • Indrahar: This dish is from the Rewa Kingdom. It is an iteration of Dhokla made of various lentils.
  • Chicken Kolhapuri: This is the quintessential Kolhapuri dish. Spicy to the core, this dish is made of coconut gravy. The roasted ground spices are the main highlight of this dish.
  • Dum Biryani: This dish consists of basmati rice and chicken mixed with various essential spices. It is from the Nizami Kingdom’s kitchen. This dish is the quintessential Hyderabadi dish.
  • Chicken Bagheli: Another delicacy from the Rewa Kingdom, This chicken is slowly cooked with locally sourced spices. Curd is also mixed in this dish.
  • Rogan Josh: This is a Mughal recipe made in Kashmiri royal cuisine. This dish consists of lamb cooked with various Kashmiri spices.
  • Rampuri Ghosht Korma: This is another lamb-based dish from the Awadhi Royal cuisine. It also has some Mughal flavors added to the lamb. It is best known for its taste and spices.

These are the dishes from each Royal kitchen of India. Their flavors and spices are somewhat similar. But they give us an insight into each culture.

If you want to experience these delicacies along with your family and friends, visit the Sylvania Indian restaurant for a more exquisite experience.

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