What are the topmost Indian dishes you need to try for the first time?

So, your Indian friend has invited you for a fun evening at the best Indian Restaurant Sydney. But, you have not tried Indian food before this. We all know how this food contains different options and each of them is known for its distinct taste. Moreover, there are several fantastic flavors and spices which make the dishes perfect with every bite. At Sylvania Indian restaurant we provide dishes that are made with authentic Indian cooking methods and this is what will make your taste buds enjoy the ride of flavors. Let’s discuss the food options which you need to give a try when you order the food for the first time.

  • Samosa

With each culture, there is some kind of snack food which people are crazy about. For Indians, this is samosa, and it favorite of everyone. At Sylvania Indian restaurant, the samosa contains a filling of onions, tomato, chickpea, and several masalas. What’s make it even better is the side chutney which is slightly sweet and tangy. In the Indian culture, people love to have this over the chai in the morning or in the evening.

  • Pakora

Have you tried any kind of fritters? Well! It is exactly like that. This is made with different veggies which makes it the perfect snack food. Some of them also contain are fritters which help you get the perfect way to delight your taste buds.

The fritters can be made with potato, onion, chickpea, coriander, and fresh spinach. Apart from that, you have to try paneer pakora, chickpea flour, garlic, ginger, and spices.

  • Saag Paneer

This is another kind of delightful food which is a veggies base. It contains spinach and small cubes of paneer. It contains different ingredients which make up the saag paneer tasty. Apart from that, you can even add other options to the same like fish, lamb, and chicken. People like to have this in the inter time.

  • Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is one of those dishes which is loved by everyone or to be specific anything that contains chicken is the most ordered item at an Indian restaurant. It is roasted over the tandoor and different flavors are added into the same like cayenne, chile, paprika, and turmeric. The newbies who tried the Indian food for the first time, love to order this specific dish. The blend of different spices and yogurt base sauce is what makes it delightful with every bite.

  • Butter chicken

If we are talking about tandoori chicken then how we can forget the tandoori chicken. It contains chicken, fish, shrimp, lamb, and you can even have vegetarian options. This is kind of savory and tasty food is perfect when you visit an Indian restaurant for the first time.

Apart from that, there are several dishes which you can give a try like an aloo gobi, raita, naan (that too of different types), baingan ka bharta, and much more. Moreover, there are several sweets which you can give a try like kheer (rice pudding), sooji ka halwa, jalebi, rasmalai, and the list will go & on.

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