What are the topmost tips to order Indian food at the best restaurant?

order Indian food at the best restaurant

If you are going to try Indian food for the first time, then you might be intimidated about what to get. The names will seem new to you but the Indian cuisine is filled with flavors and aroma. Visiting the best Indian restaurant means you will be getting quality and tasty Indian food.


Biryani is almost the Indian equivalent of a crockpot meal. Biryani is filled with meat, veggies, chicken, or seafood which comes with different spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper and then it is layered over rice in a large dish. To make it even better, onions are added on the top and the dish is sealed. The perfect flavor is possible because of slow-cooking for hours.


Kashmiri style dishes are something which you need to give it a try. They are creamy-based & rich, filled with spices, nuts, and dried fruit along with cardamom & cinnamon. These dishes are mild and if you do not want to have something spicy then make sure to give this one a try.


Korma of any type is a dish that is marinated in spices and yogurt along with garlic & ginger. The dish is cooked with the juices present in it and this allows to develop a rich gravy. The korma often includes the cloves, cumin, cardamom, coriander, or cinnamon. To make the taste even better you can add onion, chilies, and tomato.


Masalas are another common item you can find at Indian restaurants. Well, it is simply a spice mix and it can vary greatly the way it is made. Masalas can have a thick gravy. To enjoy it the most you can have rice or bread with it as it soaks up the sauce.


Saag is another vital Indian cuisine that is famous on the Northside. If you want to try this, it means you will be having greens like mustard greens, spinach, and dill. Mostly, it is cooked with other ingredients like cheese, meat, or fish.


Tandoori is a clay oven which means any item which is known as tandoori is baked on this. Tandoori dishes are marinated which helps in giving better taste and adds many spices. The spices are a great deal to make the flavor even better.


If you want to try many Indian cuisines in one go, then go with Indian thali. A thali includes many dishes which can include meat dishes and they are filled with small bowls. Thali can be filled with spicy food and a dessert.


Tikka is also referred to as chunks. If you are going to try chicken tikka masala, it means you are trying something popular


Vindaloo is made by grinding the dry red chillies along with different spices like cloves, cinnamon, and cloves mixed with vinegar. The mix is cooked in gravy and then added over meat.

There are many dishes you can try according to your taste and every dish is different because of the way it is cooked.

How do I make sure I have found the best restaurant for delicious Indian cuisine?



It is difficult to resist Indian cuisine because of the way it looks, smells, and tastes. This is the reason, Indian restaurant demand is increasing all over the world. Those who have tasted Indian food know what we are talking about. In case, you are going to try it for the first time then make sure to choose the best restaurants that serve good quality and tasty Indian food.

Finding a good restaurant


If you are visiting the restaurant for the first time, then you will check whether the staff follows a friendly approach or not. No doubt, the taste matters but if the staff is not friendly or supportive then it ruins the entire experience.


Indian food is liked because of the way it is made and how the chef puts in extra effort to make the dish a success. Indian restaurants are known for charging genuine prices and giving high-quality food.

 Quality matters a lot

The best quality Indian food is because of the natural, fresh, and healthy ingredients. The Indian chefs are known for cooking the traditional food with a modern touch which makes the entire dish taste perfect.

Managing the spicy level

Many people think that Indian food is all about the species, but when you taste it once you will get to know that many other things make it taste the best. There are many ingredients added according to the dish which is being served.

Tasty Curry

Many people also think that Indian food has a uniform taste and contains curry powder. India is diverse which can be seen in its cuisine. In the north people love to have cottage cheese, chilies, milk, saffron, and ghee. In the south, people drool over coconut, coconut oil, pepper, and tamarind. In the east, people use fish and mustard oil. In the west, the Indians opt for many western ingredients which makes the entire dish have a unique taste.

Ignore Fusion Sellers

Just make sure to avoid those selling fusion food branded as the Indian eatery. Fusion food which helps to label itself as Indians in certain eateries is unhealthy and tasteless. To enjoy Indian food to the fullest make sure to look for the best restaurant that can serve you with quality meals all day long. Visiting the best and top-rated restaurants in your area will help you get the best customer experience you are looking for. Also, you will get the opportunity to try many of the best Indian cuisine under one roof.

Variety of Indian cuisine, So, having Indian cuisine can make your day the best but make sure to look for the best restaurant in your area.

Why don’t you try visiting an Indian restaurant for a breathtaking dining experience?

Visiting an Indian restaurant

Have you ever tried Indian cuisine in your life? If the answer is no then why? Do you know India is having lots of varieties in food from snacks to the main course to sweet dishes? If you are the one who never tried Indian food then need not worry. You can also taste the food by visiting an Indian restaurant in your country. Why don’t you make a plan with your family, friends, cousins and have Indian food? In this blog, we are going to tell you about how your evening will look like in the restaurant.

  • Reserve the table

No matter with whom you are visiting, you should reserve your table before only. Sometimes the restaurant will be full of people and there will be no seat left for you which leads to disappointment. So we don’t want you to feel any type of discomfort. So make sure before going to the restaurant you are reserving a table for you.

  • Enjoy the different types of Indian food

Bored eating the same food daily. Then you should try eating Indian food. It will help you in staying fit and healthy. There are some ingredients which you will be able to see in Indian food such as rice, wheat, green chillies, ginger, different types of spices and much more. We are sure that you will not regret eating the food and will come back to eat different varieties. Some of the food varieties mentioned below:

  • Puchka
  • Samosa
  • Pakoras
  • Chole bhature
  • Paneer butter masala
  • Dal Makhani
  • Butter chicken
  • Briyani
  • Kadai Paneer
  • Palak Paneer
  • Naan
  • Roti

Above mentioned are some of the varieties which you will get in Indian restaurants. In fact, after seeing the menu you will be confused which you should order and which you should not. All the names of the dishes will be so fascinating that they will attract you towards them. And don’t forget to order the sweet dish.

  • Enjoy the pleasant environment

If you are going to a restaurant then, of course, you will be expecting to have good food and a pleasant environment. In the above-mentioned point, we have explained about the good food. Talking about the pleasant environment then it will make your mood energetic because of the good Indian music playing in the restaurant will help you in spending some quality time with your loved ones. In fact, the people working at the restaurant will be so cooperative that they will help you in selecting the dish for you.

  • You will understand Indian culture more closely

By visiting the Indian restaurants you will understand Indian culture more closely. You will understand the dishes and why Indian people are crazy about their food. By spending some good time at an Indian restaurant you will understand many things about India.



What are the misconceptions related to Indian food which you must know?


Indian food is loved by everyone because of the spices and mouth-watering dishes. There is no other cuisine that is as authentic as Indian food. You can visit the best Indian restaurant to get the perfect Indian meal and enjoy your course to the fullest.

However, Indian food is also misunderstood a lot, and people think that this food is spicy, oily, fatty, and rich. People also think that Indian dishes take time to cook, and it is challenging to get the perfect taste. In this blog, we are going to debunk the misconceptions linked to Indian food.


Misconception: Indian food is spicy and hot

No doubt, Indian food is all about the spices, but there is no way to forgo this cuisine just because of its tangy taste. All Indian food is not just about the spices. However, only one or 2 ingredients are added to make its taste better. The person adds the spices according to their taste and liking. It is your wish you can decrease its quantity or increase it to get the restaurant-like taste.


Misconception: Indian food is fatty and unhealthy

Indian food is like other dishes which you wish to make from it. You can make it nutritious the way you want and add the oil as much as you like. Indian cuisine is known for using fresh vegetables and ingredients which makes the entire taste better, and it is the healthier choice. There is no point in saying that Indian food is unhealthy. You can even cut down the oils used in cooking and enjoy the dishes as much as you want. Moreover, the herbs and spices are what make it nourishing.


Misconception: Indian recipes are difficult to understand

There are many Indian dishes which are extremely easier to cook than you think. Just try it once and you will understand how easy it is to cook your favorite dish. There are many recipes like tandoori chicken and mutter paneer which are effortless to cook. There are many dishes which you can prepare with a few easy steps. Surprisingly, there are a few dishes that take 10 minutes to make, and it makes the yummy appetizer.


Misconception: Indian foods are all about curry powder

Indian meals often include curry but it is not added in every dish. Curry is the broad term that is added to different dishes that are of different taste. These are different spices that are picked from the different regions of India. Each mixture is modified according to the recipe and the dish you want to cook. But, that does not mean these blends are used in every Indian dish served at the restaurant or made at home. They are added when the flavor needs to be added and to magnify it.



What are the top Indian foods with their benefits and which food items are liked by Australians?

What are the top Indian foods with their benefits and which food items are liked by Australians

Nothing brings people together like good Indian food.

All over the world, you can find people with love for food. Indian food is one of them that is everyone’s favourite. The blend of fresh spices is what makes Indian food taste better, and there is nothing like this anywhere. With time, the craze of Indian food has grown in the world. In this list, the Aussies are on the top.

Australians love to travel to India to see different tourist places and try Indian cuisine at a different Indian restaurant. Not only Australia, but the love for Indian food has grown all across the world. Also, the people have understood that the Indian dishes are not all about the curries. In Australia, there are several Indian dishes which Australians try, and some of them are mentioned below:

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is one the top list of Indians and Australians. It is the topmost Indian curry known for its exquisite flavors. This main course is filled with spiced gravy with a hint of cashew (for creamy flavor) and potato.

When you visit any Indian restaurant, this is a must-try option. Not only it taste good, but butter chicken provides many health benefits which are mentioned below:

  • Loaded with protein

A healthy diet is important because 35% of calories come from protein. With just one serving you can get around 30 grams of protein that can meet all your daily needs of having the protein intake.

  • Filled with carbohydrates and fiber

With just one serving you can have 3 grams of fiber and 14 grams of carbohydrates.

Dal Makhani

The non-vegetarians lovers always think that vegetarians have limited choices but this is not the case. In that case, you need to try Dal Makhani. This Indian vegetarian curry is filled with spices that provide a great number of nutrients to the body and give it a delectable taste.

Dal Makhani has lentils, kidney beans, garlic, and ginger that provide a great number of vitamins and protein to the body. It makes it taste even perfect. Just try it once, and you will fall in love with its taste. Also, if you are going for dinner with your friends or family, then this option is a must-try.

Veg samosa

Veg samosa is a perfect staple for breakfast or enjoying it with tea. It is the perfect way to start whether the person is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is a great choice in the form of the appetizer that comes with peas and mildly spiced potatoes wrapped in pastry made in Indian-style and served with mouth-watering Tamarind sauce.

Tandoori chicken tikka

Tandoori chicken tikka is loved by everyone and must-have for non-vegetarians. It is known for its rich and creamy flavor. This mouth-watering boneless dish is marinated with Indian spices and yogurt. After that, it is grilled in Tandoor and served with spicy and hot mint chutney.


Immense Rise Of Indian Food Lovers For Its Taste In Australia In 2020

Immense rise of Indian food lovers for its taste in Australia in 2020

Food lovers are in every nook and corner of the world. Being a food lover, we are always in search of something which tastes unique, and it should explode all our taste buds. One of the highly famous food educators Stephanie Alexander AO is known for his groundbreaking work, and he talked about one of his visits to India. Read this blog to know what he has to say.

  • How popular is Indian food abroad?

He said the Indian restaurant food has grown popular among Australians. Indian cuisine has a rich taste to it that we cannot find anywhere, and it is famous among young people. It is especially famous among the people who have travelled to India, and they have the best time of their lives in India.

  • What about the food association between India and Australia?

Surprisingly, the food association has grown a lot between India and Australia. No doubt, Indian food existed in Australia but earlier it was in the simple form. At that time, the food did not depict the complexities and precise details about the regional Indian food.

With time, the Indian families have started living in Australia, and more number of students are coming to Australia to pursue higher education. It is one of the main reasons their love for Indian food has grown in Australia.

  • Can you tell us about some of the interesting food industry trends?
  • In India and Australia, it is the habit to pre-prepare the food because of the lack of time. No doubt, they are not that interesting as making food with fresh ingredients. However, this trend is on the rise in Australia and even in India for some families.
  • Another trend is that a small number of people are moving to the option of organic food and many new businesses have shifted their focus on this food trend. In the last few years, its demand has increased a lot. But, this is expensive and it is something which ordinary families will not prefer.


  • What style of cooking do you prefer?

Fresh food according to the season. When we cook fresh food, it is made with perfection, love, and there is not much mess.

  • What do you want to say about the food scenarios changes going on?

With time we must educate our children about the different types of food which can benefit them. If they start incorporating the essential food items at a young age it will benefit them in the long run. It is important to educate them about the importance of food during school time.

He also mentioned that he loved having idli, and it is the perfect option to get the savory flavour that makes the entire dish taste the best. Being a food lover, you cannot stop thinking about trying something new but tasty.

Are you a food lover? Here is the best blog for any Indian-Food Lover.

Are you a food Are you a food lover Here is the best blog for any Indian-Food Loverlover

Someone has rightly said, ‘There is no Sincere love than the love of food.’ Food lovers are everyone in India. They are always in search of something exquisite and which can match their taste buds. The Indian restaurant is always serving the clients the dishes which taste delicious and fresh. If you are someone who is looking for the best blog for Indian-food then your search is over. In this blog, we are going to talk about bridging the Indian heritage and the delicious recipes that are made in Indian restaurants.

 Best blog for Indian-food lover

The Indian Food bloggers are extremely creative, and they mention the Indian dishes in such a way that people want to just go and eat the food.

Food bloggers are often seen writing about their mother cooking. What is it different from others?

The mother cooking trends are traditional and are quite difficult to match, and they make the food taste even better. Earlier, people used to prefer Indian ingredients and vegetables. Now, even while we cook we look for the recipes which are cooked by our mothers. We try to incorporate local vegetables along with kale, red pepper, garlic scapes, and ingredients famous in different cultures. The Indian spices have such an intense aroma to it that it makes the dish taste better. It is fun to try your mother cooking methods, and make something new.

What are the most often asked questions during your cooking classes?

Students are always curious to know, ‘How does south Indian food differ from North Indian dishes?’

South Indian dishes are all about rice preparations and lentil stews, whereas in the North it is all about the bread and curries. With the South Indian dishes, there is the addition of fruits, vegetable grains, and legumes which make it light to eat. Also, the dishes are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and vegetarian.

There is the use of black mustard seeds, curry leaves, and coconut which makes South Indian dishes unique. Yogurt is an important part of every meal. The North Indian dishes are heavier and richer. They have their taste that cannot be found in any other cuisine.


What are the best places in New York City for shopping or having a bit to eat?

You can find a lot of Indian shops at Midtown at the corner of 28th and Lexington, and my favorite one is Little India Stories and Kalustyans. One of the best dosa carts is in Washington Square and Kati roll company on Company on MacDougal Street.

Tiffin Wallah is best for buffet and on 51st Street the fancy affairs Amma.

If you have more time, then Ganesh Temple’s basement is best as they serve you with a variety of dishes. You should explore it, and you will find a lot of options.

How do you make the choice with sauces and condiments for Indian food?

Different varieties of achaar are made with garlic, tomato, and gooseberry. These are best to serve with dinner or any other meal. The traditional variety of Indian food is something that has a unique taste to it, and being a food lover our priority is to get the homemade taste with the right blend of spices.