Impress Your Guests With Delicious Indian Food From Restaurant

Planning a dinner or lunch can be very hectic. You never know what your guest might like or not. And to top it off, cooking all of it alone can be super tiring. Hence you must seek help from an Indian restaurant in Sydney.

Order delicious Indian food and enjoy your time with your guests!

But why Indian Food?

Why not?

Our chef packs Indian food with infinite flavors that would make your guests drool for more. And to top it off, everybody loves Indian food.

In this blog, we will give some ideas on what kind of food you can order from Indian restaurant home delivery services,

Menu To Order From An Indian Restaurant For Your Party

  • Starters

Let us begin with the starters of the show. There are many options you can choose from to start the feast.

The star of the show or the OG of Indian food is undoubtedly the:

    • SAMOSA

You can not go wrong with it. It is a perfect blend of savory and creamy, packed with many flavors. Samosa is traditionally a street food item that people often enjoy as a snack item with some chutneys along with it, such as refreshing mint chutney and sweet and tangy tamarind chutney.


For the non-veg starters, you can opt for tandoori chicken. It is a healthy version of a delicious dish. Tandori is a cooking method (tandoor = oven clay). The chef marinates the chicken pieces and grills them in the tandoor until they are juicy and tender. Serve it hot with some mint chutney; you are good to go.

  • Main Course

Let us now move towards the main course. This portion of the menu might cause certain confusion over which dish you should order. Hence you should opt for two to four dishes to have many options to choose from.


You can not neglect butter chicken when you are ordering Indian food from a nearby restaurant. It is the most requested and sought dish that people from different cultures enjoy. Its rich, creamy and velvety texture goes so well with buttery naan or rice.


If you want a vegetarian option for diversity, you can opt for chana masala. It is a spicy and masaledar or flavorful item packed with many aromatic spices. Some of the most common spices that our chef includes are cumin, coriander seeds, cardamom, bay leaves, and turmeric. Let me tell you; you will not be disappointed with this remarkable delicacy.


Order paneer tikka masala and enjoy the taste of India. When we are talking about Indian Cuisine, it is impossible to avoid paneer on the menu. Paneer is one of the staple items in Indian cuisine.

Our chef prepares paneer tikka masala cubes in a gravy filled with spices such as dried fenugreek leaves, cumin powder, cardamom powder, turmeric, red chili powder, and many other things. The sauce consists of ginger-garlic paste with tomato puree that has capsicum and onion in it. Goes perfectly well with garlic naan.


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