Mistakes You Make At An Indian Restaurant

Indian food is great, and everyone knows that it has great taste; the cooking style of Indian food is traditional and many more such things.

But do you know what? Still, people make many mistakes while eating Indian food and at Indian Restaurants.

This post will cover all these mistakes and help you solve them with the best solution. If you have just started eating or visiting an Indian Restaurant in Sydney, you might also be making those mistakes.

Hence, read this blog until the end to learn more about it.

Mistakes You Make At An Indian Restaurant 

  • Eating with your hands: 

Most of the people eating Indian food in Sydney will try to neglect to eat with their hands, but if we look closely, then we would be able to learn that Indian tradition has told us to eat food using our hands and not with knives.

Moreover, all Indian food items are available in shapes and sizes, making them the ideal food options to eat using a hand. Hence every time you visit an Indian restaurant, make sure to eat it with your hand.

By doing so, you would be able to eat as per your requirements, secondly managing knives and eating food with them is a challenging task, while on the other hand eating food with your hands makes it easy for people to eat. 

  • Ordering chai tea:

 You will come across several people daily who will place their order, like “I want one chai tea.” But, unfortunately, they need to remember that Chai is also a type of tea, and you can directly place the order by calling it Chai.

Although you can try out things like Adrak Chai, Masala Chai, and Tulsi Chai, various varieties of Chai are available.

Make sure you are visiting one place that offers you such varieties. 

  • Only ordering Naan bread: 

Every time some people visit an Indian restaurant, they will order just naan bread with their Indian dishes. They think naan is the only bread available in Indian cuisine.

But next time you visit one such place, you can also try out other bread. Some of those breads are tandoori roti, garlic naan, cheese naan, chili naan, butter naan, keema naan, peshawari naan, cheese & garlic naan, and cheese & spinach naan. 

  • Only ordering Chicken tikka masala:

 A type of person will love one thing at a restaurant, and they will order the same thing forever. So if you are someone like that or order chicken tikka masala, you should know that there are plenty of other non-veg dishes.

You can try out other chicken dishes such as butter, mango, chili, and many more. 

  • Eating mouth freshener before a meal:

 At every Indian restaurant, you will be getting mouth freshener made up of fennel seeds; some people eat it before completing their meal. But, at the same time, it is created to be eaten after the meal is complete.


 Were you also making these mistakes while having Indian Food in Sydney? If yes, then now you know how to treat those mistakes.

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