Is Vegetable Biryani Legitimate Or Is It Just A Pulao?: A Final Discussion

One day or other, you would see some people agreeing to culinary art while others blatantly disapproving of the notion. I mean, how can we forget about our favorite debate: “whether or not pineapple belongs in pizza?” Just like that, there are questionable and suspicious culinary dishes that make people go fight off. After all, everything is fear in love and war, and food is both.

Today we will talk about a dish that comes straight from the heart of India, a beautiful and complex dish that has many variants, and each one of them is loved equally, or is it?

Yes, we are talking about Biryani. Different state has different recipes and ingredient to make it. Hyderabadi Biryani, Kolkata biryani, and many more. But one that we will talk about might pull up many ears.

Vegetable Biryani. Many questions its existence, whereas others accept it with an open heart.

We will decide today whether or not it should be called Biryani, or shall it be forever be denoted as pulao.

Veg Biryani: Yes Or No?

Biryani is a famous dish nationally and internationally. You can easily try out this dish in the Indian Restaurant In Sydney if you have not already. Biryani is basically a layered dish originated and introduced by the Mughals during their kingdom, which is made of gravy and rice infused with aromatic spices and some meat pieces. Officially, these are the ingredients required in most of the biryani dishes, in addition to eggs and potatoes (optional). But we are also very much aware that Indian consist of many vegetarian hence the dish was meant to have a vegetarian version. Most often cooked with many vegetables and sometimes with paneer. Veg biryani is also prepared in a similar fashion but with no meat. It might agitate many of the meat and biryani love. But you could not rule out that Biryani is basically a cooking process that the chef follows while preparing the veg versions.

Difference Between Pulao And Veg Biryani

The most significant difference between both the dishes is their cooking process. As said earlier, Biryani is a layered dish that uses whole aromatic spices to give them a distinctive taste and flavor, which you do not receive from pulao. Pulao is a simple dish whose cooking style is easy and less time-consuming compared to the Biryani. Pulao is a one-pot dish made by sauteing some vegetables and spices together along with rice to cook it all at once. It is also a trendy dish in India and globally but is not as complicated or complex as Biryani.

Should Veg Biryani Be In The Category Of Biryani?

For some, it will still be a disgrace to add veg biryani in this category, but remember, most Indians are vegetarians, and the cooking processes for both dishes are similar. Looking at the extensive preparation, it would be way too harsh to declare it as an outsider.

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