5 Popular Cooking Methods Used In Preparing Indian Cuisine

When it comes to cooking a dish, there are tons of techniques and styles that one adopts in order to get the dish cooked beautifully. From stir-frying, billing, frying, sauteing, and many more, you might have used at least one of them to cook a dish.

So, how does it make Indian cooking methods different from the others?

Well, it is a valid question as with the authenticity of the dish, the cooking style varies from each other. In an Indian Restaurant In Sydney, you would find dishes that are cooked in the traditional way to keep the essence of the dish intact.

The cooking method that is used in Indian cooking is similar to others but the way it is prepared what really entails the taste

The main issue comes on when to use which technique in order to curate a culinary art.

Popular Techniques Used In Cooking Indian Cuisine

These are some of the most common techniques which are used in everyday cooking in an Indian household.

  • Sauteing

In India, sauteing is known as “Bhuna,” which means that the chef would saute the meat or vegetables with some aromatic spices and ingredients to make the dish flavorful event. The technique carries both dry and wet cooking methods. Bhuna is also a technique used for making the base of any curry by sauteing some aromatic spices together with some ginger-garlic, onion, and green chilis paste.

  • Deep frying

This is another technique that is very famous in Indian cuisine. People love to eat unhealthy food items which satisfy their tummy and mouth. And Indian people love to be on that list for sure. Some of the deep-fried snacks like fritters (pakodas) and the O.G samosa (deep fried pastry filled with potatoes) are not only famous in India but internationally too.

  • Shallow frying

Do you like kebabs? Well, this is how the chef makes the dish. Shallow frying, unlike deep-frying, only takes 5-8 tablespoons of oil in a flat pan. This technique makes the dishes crispy and fried. Some of the other dishes which are cooked in this style are toast, cutlet, and Aloo Tikki (famous Indian street food).

  • Tempering

Let us now delve into the essential part of Indian cuisine. Tempering is basically a step in which the chef adds flavors to the oil by frying them. Aromatic spices and other ingredients are added to the hot oil. It is the last step while making a tadka dal (lentil soup) or some chutney.

  • Tandoor

You might have definitely read or heard about tandoor. Some of the most famous dishes are created with techniques such as tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, and many more. Tandoor is basically a clay oven where the meat or vegetables are grilled until tender and juicy. It is also a healthier version to enjoy your meal. Apart from appetizers, your side dish, naan bread, is also made in a tandoor which you can enjoy with some delicious curries.

For All Intents And Purposes

Order now from Sylvania Indian Restaurant and enjoy some of the scrumptious food items prepared with traditional cooking methods to keep the authenticity of the dishes intact. You would not be disappointed with the meal, that is for sure.

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