5 Reasons to prove – Why Indian food is the healthiest food in the world?

Famous Misconception About Indian Food

It can be tasty enough to make your day. But cannot make you achieve your fitness goals.

What Rubbish!

Who told you that Indian food cannot be healthy?

No doubt, there are some dishes which the people suffering from High BP and High Cholesterol cannot eat. But it does not mean that there is something wrong with that dish. It is the technique of cooking that needs to be changed, says the chef of an Indian restaurant in Sydney.

For example: Talking about pakoras (Fritters), these are only called unhealthy when they are deep-fried. But if they will be baked or steamed instead, then will you be having any other reason to call it unhealthy?

Why is Indian Food Considered Healthy?

  • Dairy Products

Dairy products are made of milk, and are the greatest source of calcium. Raita, which is a staple to be included with every Indian meal, is full of cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. There could be many variations for this like;

    • Mint-Dip Raita
    • Cucumber Raita
    • Bottle Gourd Raita

Apart from these, Lassi whose origin is in Punjab (Indian State), is famous in each country. It is not only healthy but it is super easy to make.

  • Fresh Ingredients are used always

The Indian people and even chefs are highly against the use of processed foods. Even if it is about the spices, they are dry roasted and then ground on Silvatta (Traditional Indian Vessel for Spice Grinding). The food colour because of which Indian dishes are famous, is obtained naturally. Food colours and Preservatives are never used. So we might have figured out from this aspect, how healthy is every Indian dish.


  • Incomplete without fruits and vegetables

We have read it so many times that there are certain vegetables and fruits which run out of nutritional value when cooked. But this cannot be the probable case with any of the Indian dishes. Only those techniques are used in cooking the vegetables and the fruits, which help to retain the nutritional elements.

  • Contains all the nutritional elements

Indian vegetables usually include the chickpeas which are considered as a marvellous source of:

    • Fibre
    • Zinc
    • Folate

Did you know?

The use of tomatoes and spinach is customary in Indian cooking. These sources are highly rich in the properties that trigger immunity in our bodies.

  • Includes Spices and herbs

The main motive behind adding spices to Indian dishes is to enhance health values. These spices do not let people suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation and weakness. It is like icing on the cake that these spices have a unique taste that adds ultimate flavours to the dishes. From merely reading the name of the spices, you will come to know, how healthy would be that food which involves these:

    • Turmeric ( Have Antiseptic Properties)
    • Garlic (Does not let you suffer from musculoskeletal problems)
    • Ginger (Intensifies the assimilation process)
    • Cardamon ( Contains Antioxidants & Cancer-Fighting Compounds)

Final comments!

So all those Indians out there, now you can proudly claim that –

Indian Food is Super Healthy”

Those who will disagree, just share the link of this blog with them. It will let them know how wrong they are,

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