5 Topmost reasons Australians drool and prefer to have Indian cuisine

Australia is still at the top of the list for the popular holiday destination. Here, if we talk about Australians and their love for food, then there are no limits to that. They are crazy about trying new food hacks, and new cuisine. If you are a native of Australia, then you must have an Indian friend in your known who must be recommending you to visit with him to the best Indian Restaurant Sydney. Just tell me, Have you ever tried Indian food? If you are a food enthusiast and you haven’t let your taste buds try the Indian cuisine, then trust me you are missing out on a culinary experience like never experienced before.

At Sylvania Indian Restaurant, we have many Australian customers who have always appreciated and loved the food served at our restaurant and our hospitality. Here are some of the reasons for the same, then you should also try out the Indian cuisine.

Topmost reasons Australians love to have Indian Food

Reason 1: Number of spices to satiate your taste buds

Have you ever seen any dish in which more than 10 or 15 spices are required? UMm…Indian cuisine is only of the only option which comes to my mind. With such a vast variety of Indian spices, ‘Don’t you think the food will taste different yet best?’

Well! The spices are not only for the taste but they are even beneficial for the health. Some of the spices which are included in a dish are:

  • Garam masala
  • Red chili powder
  • Cayenne
  • Turmeric
  • Cumin

For say, the option of turmeric is known to have antioxidant properties and it is even best to deal with inflammation. Do you know, What’s the best thing Australians love about Indian food? Every Taste Different!

Reason 2: Traditional yet modern method of cooking

Okay! So we have talked about the taste but, ‘What actually makes it taste this good?’ The cooking method. The blend of spices & herbs and then the cooking method takes the dish to a whole another level. No matter which dish you order from the Sylvania Indian Restaurant, it has a different cooking method. Some of the Indian cooking methods are:

  • Dum: Steaming
  • Bhunao: Sauteing
  • Dhuanaar: Smoking
  • Tadka or Baghar: Tempering
  • Talina or Talna: Deep-frying
  • Tandoori: Roasting/Baking

Delight to the taste buds!

One of my Australian friends visited the Indian restaurant and he was Stoked when we saw the Indian food served in front of him. When he tasted the food, he right away said, ‘Bring a plate!’

Reason 3: Various flavors to enjoy from all over India

Even if you haven’t visited India, you can still get to taste the food from the different regions. At the best Indian restaurant, you can have anything like sweet, tangy, hot, spicy, salty, or sour. This is one of the major things which make Australians drool over Indian food. It’s a win-win situation for the foodies to get to taste the Indian dishes in one place.

Reason 4: Indian food promotes overall well-being

If you are health conscious but want to get tasty food, then where you should do? Without having second thoughts, an Indian restaurant. Indian meals are wholesome in a way that your body will get all the essential minerals, protein, vitamins, and healthy fat the body needs. Wait! There’s more to it, whether you have a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal it will only and only give your body the right kind of nutrients.

Reason 5: Food brings people together

Australians get intrigued by the Indian food culture and how everyone sits together & enjoys the meal. Family and Friend time is the – Best Time.

UMmm…I Think enough of saying, Why not now try out the Indian food?

Perfect! Sounds good to us, because we are waiting for you to welcome with the best service and food.

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