5 topmost reasons surveys have shown that people prefer Indian food

Indian food is becoming a sensation among food lovers. Even many foreign chefs have expressed their love for Indian food and how they love to experiment with the same. Gary Mehigan is one of the celebrity restaurateurs and judges of the famous Masterchef, Australia who is seen expressing his love for Indian dishes. Like him, there are many other people all over the globe, who are blown away by the Indian cuisine. Well! It makes it clear why people prefer to visit the best Indian Restaurant Sydney and have the best time with good food. Sylvania Indian Restaurant is one such name that is providing the customers with fine dining and the best Indian cuisine. We conducted one survey in our restaurant, which has helped us to understand why people prefer Indian food.

1st Reason: India is known for different things

Indian is known for its different environment and climate which means from every region you will find a different cuisine. Whether you are living by the seaside in Mumbai or hills in Uttarakhand, you will find a special dish. There is Gujrati food, Marathi food, and much more which grabs the interest of the customers.

2nd Reason: Indian food is not spicy

When people get familiar with Indian food, they understand that Indian food is not spicy. It is actually about the spices which are added in combination to make the food taste better. Moreover, you can adjust the spices according to your spice tolerance. Many other things are added for the chicken marination or while making tandoori paneers like garlic, lemon, curd, coriander, cloves, turmeric, red chili, and much more.

3rd Reason: Indians are sweet on sour

Well! The Indian food is not about the spices and heat, as there is also sour food available. Many people prefer to have curd (yogurt) as the staple food item. There are a lot of things in the Indian meal which you can have. There is fermented lentil batter which gives the perfect sourness and the tang to the crispy pancakes which are known as dosa.

4th Reason: Tasty Street food

Apart from the rich dishes like chicken korma, or many other royal items, people drool over the Indian street food. It is crispy, tasty, spicy, and filled with amazing fillings which are fulfilling at the same time. You can have panipuri, Dahi Bhalla, chaat papdi, and much more. All these have been there for a long time and many chefs have made the modern version of these dishes to attract the foodies.

5th Reason: Different types of naan

To be precise we are talking about the Indian bread which is flaky paratha, unleavened chapati, tandoori roti, and much more. You can brush it with ghee or have stuffed dried fruit which is the perfect Kashmiri style. People also love to have garlic naan with their chicken meal or Maa ki Daal (Black Lentils).

Well! The list of reasons can go on and on…

If you want to try Indian food then come and visit us to have the best food you have tasted in your entire life.

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