7 Must-Try Non-Veg Indian Cuisines That Spice Up Your Taste Buds.

On the Indian food menu, you will find diverse Non-veg Dishes; these dishes are primarily Chicken and Mutton based. The non-veg Cuisine is popular worldwide because of its authentic taste and incredible making. Non-vegetarian items such as Butter-chicken are on the list of best-selling foods in Indian Restaurant In Sydney.

Moreover, Indian non-veg eateries are more nutritious, and aromatic Indian spices are the key ingredient in the preparation. Therefore if you want to treat your taste Buds with delicious non-veg Cuisine, Then visit Sylvania Indian Restaurant for the best Indian Food in Sydney.

7 Must try Non-vegetarian Cuisines at Restaurant

There are multifarious veg and nonveg food items on our menu. If you are a non-veg lover, here are some best cuisines for you.

  1. Tandoori Lamb Cutlets: In the marination of ginger garlic with yoghurt and Indian spices, the Pieces of baby lamb are keep. Later the cutlets are roast in a traditional style clay oven (tandoor) which makes it more delicious.
  2. Punjabi fish- In our chef’s secret marination, nutritious fish is prepared. That gives it a flavorful mouth-watering taste. It is deep-fried in hygienic oil and served with Ginger & mint sauce for a crunchy taste.
  3. Roghan Josh- it is lamb or goat meat gravy cuisine. With the addition of selective Indian ingredients, the dark red colour mutton gravy is ready. The traditional Kashmiri-style lamb or mutton dish is fantastic in taste and everyone’s favourite.
  4. Chicken korma.- The dish is available in all the meat options such as Chicken korma, mutton korma as well as Beef Korma. The Cashew nut-rich sauce and fenugreek leaves, like aromatic Indian spices, are the key ingredients of this Mughlai dish. It is one of the deciduous Non-vegetarian Gravy dishes that basically serve with Indian tandoori Breads.
  5. Saag chicken: The other traditional Punjabi North Indian Cuisines. In which pieces of Chicken with mustard green spinach cooks together, the cream is put in it to give it a buttery touch. The dish is rich in several nutrients and gives your taste buds a home-like feel.
  6. Butter chicken– The butter chicken is the all-time favourite Indian delight of every meat lover. North Indian Cuisine is the most recommended chicken dish because of its mouth-watering taste. The creamy gravy rich in butter makes the dish top among other gravy dishes. The butter, tomatoes, and cashew paste are the secrets of its Amazing flavours.
  7. Chicken Biryani: The biryani is a classical Indian dish that originates in the Mughals era. It is known for its royal taste and incredible preparation. It is a chicken and rice dish in aromatic spices such as saffron and cloves, giving it a great fragrance and flavour.


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