8 Tips to follow when you are invited to a meal by an Indian Host

The beauty of Indian food does not lie merely in its taste. Several other things are accountable for making your Indian food dining experience one of a kind.

According to the chefs practising in the Indian restaurant Sydney, “There are so many things which are different about Indian food. The one thing which every person likes about Indian food is its ethical eating. The way the people of India initiate their eating or get prepared before having food is something which is praise-worthy!”

Etiquettes To Dine On The Indian Food

Do not reach before time

If you are invited to meals, then you have to make sure that you are not punctual. You are neither required to reach there at the proper nor should arrive before the said time. It is advised that you should reach 10 to 15 after the said time.

Do not come barehanded

Bring something to eat or to decorate the house. Coming bare-handed is not a courteous way to attend a meal. If the host is not accepting, as he was not expecting from obtaining the gift, then force him to accept it with the warmth of the relationship.

Do not ask to start with the meals at the beginning

Do not ask for the meal by yourself. Wait for some time. Since the host will, first of all, serve you with the drinks. Get refreshed with those and after some time you will be requested to be present at the dinner table.

Wash your hands

Before marking your presence on the dinner table, you should wash your hands and dry them. Do not dry them off with your clothes in front of all. If you have forgotten to bring the handkerchief, then you can ask the host to provide you with the towel.

Take the initiative of serving them all

When you have been invited to someone’s place for a meal, then do not behave as if you have to enjoy the hospitality. Behave as if you are one of them.

Do not start until the elder member has started

No doubt, you are the invitee and you are the centre of the hospitality and the special care but still, you are required not to start with the first bite until the elder member on the dinner table starts.


According to Indian cultural ethics, the food is to be enjoyed by sitting on the floor. If you are not in the habit of sitting or are not comfortable, then you are advised to manage for one day.

Use cutlery if your dining companions are using

Indian food culture does not allow people to eat with cutlery. However, being in foreign lands, some things can be improvised. But you should only use cutlery if the host himself is using it. Otherwise, you are suggested to avoid it and consume the food with your hands.

Do not stand up until the elder member finishes

Indians give special respect to the elder members. Neither the meal is commenced until the elder ever has a bite nor is it announced to be over until the member is done.

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