Brief History About Samosa – The greatest Indian food of all time

India is known for its festival of flavors. It’s true the only thing which fascinates people around the world is not just the culture but it’s also the food which makes a huge difference. Every Indian meal you talk about has something different in it. One of the ultimate food options is Samosa.

Have you ever wondered, ‘Why is this triangular-shaped golden brown crisp highly preferred?’ & How can you forget the tasty chutney served along the side? Indeed. This highly iconic Samosa is one of a kind option which is the reason it has started to gain attention at one of the best Indian Restaurant In Sydney.

As time passes by this amazing Indian food item has started to get attention and is even more recognizable than ever. It’s also true that such Indian food options are difficult to find in any other cuisine. These deep-fried pastries are unique because of that historical value attached to them and not just Indians, even Australians prefer to order this on their visit to the Indian restaurant to satiate the taste buds.

Everything you need to about Samosa – The Indian delicacy

Samosa is deep-fried which is filled with all savory stuff and these are fried till the time they don’t get golden brown. The samosas are filled with vegetables & potatoes along with several tasty Indian spices. Apart from this filling, it can even have other options like noodles, pasta & much more.

South Asians drool over Samosa and that has been happening for the last 8 centuries. It’s not just India but even in Sydney, this food item is enjoyed every bit. Whether you talk about the emperors or Sultans this snack is ultimately preferred in all ways. This one of the easy-breezy treats is best to have while you are traveling and ideal to have it all ways.

Samosa existence started in South Asia

Samosa originated from South Asia. Moreover from the 10th to 13the century, these pastries were referred as ‘Sanbusak’ in the Arab cookbooks.

The Arab cookbooks from the 10th to the 13th century were documented to call these pastries “sanbusak,” which came from the Persian word “sanbosag.” It is referred to as Triangular pastry. As it started to gain that popularity people slowly started to enjoy this meal.

Different variations of Samosa

When it entered India a vegetarian version came into existence in Uttar Pradesh. Then slowly one more version came into existence in North India & Pakistan. If you want to try out the vegetarian option then it usually has beef, chicken & lamb. Apart from vegetables and potatoes it even contains paneer filling.

One of the other versions is the street food which is referred to as samosa chaat. The samosa is open-faced and over-the-top chutney, masala, onions & yogurt are added. It’s not just famous in North India but even in Mumbai & Maharashtra, its demand has started to flourish.



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