Difference between kebab and shawarma.

People from different nations prefer to eat Indian food. Indian food is famous not only for its delicious taste but also for the properties present in the food. The demand for Indian food has increased the number of Indian restaurants. The Indian restaurants provide you with delicious food. The food of India is not only famous in India, but it is also famous in other nations. 

Difference between kebab and shawarma

  • Kebab: Kebab is also written as kabab, and kabob is a meal made with skewered meat, fish and vegetable pieces that are then grilled and roasted. The word kebab comes from the Middle East. Kebab-related dishes can be found in many different cuisines across the globe, like Indian, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. 
  • Shawarma: Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish that originated from the Ottoman Empire and is believed to have been inspired by the Turkish doner kebab. The dish consists of seasoned meat like chicken, beef and lamb that is roasted on a spit and then shaved off in thin slices. The best Indian restaurant in Sylvania offers you delicious shawarma at their restaurant. 

Types of kebab 

Kebabs are a favorite in many international culinary traditions due to their softness, smoky flavor, and adaptability. There are different types of kebabs that are very common. 

  • Shish Kebab: Meat cubes, often made of lamb or beef, are roasted after being skewered.
  • Chicken Tikka: a popular dish in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, it consists of marinated cubes of chicken that are barbecued on a skewer.
  • Seekh kebab: Seekh Kebab is made with ground meat that has been spiced and seasoned, formed into sausage-like cylinders, and cooked on skewers.
  • Doner Kebab: A Turkish-style kebab in which spiced meat is roasted on a vertical rotisserie and then thinly sliced.
  • Tandoori Kebab: An Indian dish made with marinated meat, usually lamb or chicken, baked in a clay oven called a tandoor.

Main elements of Indian food

There are different things that are used as a key element in Indian food. 

  • Spices: A lot of spices, including cumin, coriander, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and chili powder, are used in Indian cooking. These spices give many Indian foods vivid colors in addition to their flavor.
  • Curries: A staple of Indian cooking, curries consist of a range of meats, poultry, fish, or vegetables cooked in a sauce with a lot of spices. 
  • Dals: A common ingredient in Indian cuisine, lentils are used to make dal, a thick stew or soup-like dish. Dal can be prepared with a variety of lentil varieties and is commonly seasoned with cumin and turmeric.
  • Rice: Another common meal in India is rice, which is frequently served with dals and curries. Basmati rice is especially popular because of its delicate texture and sweet aroma.
  • Chutneys and Pickles: A range of chutneys and pickles are frequently served with Indian cuisine to add taste and texture. 
  • Street cuisine: The rich flavors and variety of Indian street cuisine have made it famous globally. Street food favorites include kebabs, chaat and samosas. 
  • Sweets: Indian desserts are renowned for their excessive sweetness and for using ingredients such as almonds, milk, sugar, and ghee. 

India is a diverse nation, and there is a wide range of different cuisines in Indian cuisine. The best Indian restaurant. Sylvania Indian Restaurant offers you the best Indian food in Sylvania. Our restaurant provides you with different and the best cuisines at affordable prices. 

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