How To Cook Traditional Cuisines With A Modern Touch

Indian food has become immensely popular not only in India and its neighbouring countries but worldwide. Indian food is not just delicious but also healthy. Moreover, as many people are shifting from non-vegetarian and vegetarian to vegan, Indian food is an optimum choice for them. You can get the best Indian Food in Sylvania and enjoy it with your friends and family. 


People love to experiment, and cooking is not an expectation. One should experiment with cooking to discover new flavours and to enhance their cooking. It can also make you a versatile cook. Let us discuss how you can cook traditional dishes with a modern twist. 

How To Cook Traditional Cuisines With A Modern Touch

Experiment with Classic Dishes

To add a modern touch, you must deconstruct the dish. Experiment with its ingredients, and try to use some other food items to create classic dishes. For instance, samosas are a classic dish made using potato filling. You can try this amazing snack from an Indian restaurant in Sylvania because eating food with your family is essential. Samosas can be made by changing the stuffing, such as using paneer or cooked brown chickpeas. 

Bring Fusion Flavour

You can combine different ingredients and spices to bring fusion flavour to the dishes. For instance, Mexican spices, along with Indian spices, can be used to make the dish more intense and full of flavours. By making cross-fusion dishes, you can explore different tastes and get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to explore the taste of the food, but it also helps improve your knowledge and cooking skills. For this, you can use some amazing cooking tips and techniques and use them while experimenting with the dishes.

Work on the Presentation

It is said that we eat from our eyes first and then from our stomach. If the food in your taste does not look lip-smacking, the chances of its taste being good are highly unlikely. A good, presentable plate looks amazing and ready to eat. It also has the power to make you more hungry and make it hard to resist food. Hence, brush up your skills by working on the presentation of the food. You can find great presented food in the best Indian restaurant in Sylvania. 

Use Healthier Ingredients and Methods

Another thing you can do to experiment and add a modern touch to traditional dishes is to use healthier ingredients. This can be done using methods such as air frying or baking instead of frying in oil. Besides this, instead of using all-purpose flour, you can use multigrain or wheat flour to make the cake. In this way, you can add fusion by replacing the ingredients with healthier options and opting for healthier cooking methods.

Add Veggies

Adding veggies to your food makes it more healthy and provides various benefits. You can find the best Indian Food in Sylvania, which is healthy and tasty. Veggies not only add flavour to your dishes but also add nutrition. You can make dishes by combing and experimenting with different vegetables. Use ingredients that will complement each other and enhance the overall taste of the food. Make salads using plenty of veggies such as paneer, kale, spinach, sprouts, onions, and more. 


Indian food has diverse options, which you can try at the best Indian restaurant in Sylvania. Although you love the taste of traditional cuisine, you must try to experiment and give traditional dishes a modern touch. This can be done by replacing the ingredients with some other food item, healthier options, or veggies, adding fusion by combining different items to make the dish flavorful, and working on the presentation of the food. By doing this, you can ensure that traditional dishes have a modern touch.

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