How To Make Dal Tadka, and What Can You Serve With Dal Tadka

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We learn about one Indian recipe, dal tadka   

First, we know about what dal Tadka is 

Dal means lentil from an English word, and Tadka is like a fry of some species to make a perfect. There are many kinds of dal. We choose which type of dal makes perfect dal tadka. It is vegetarian food which has protein and nourishment. It benefits our bodies. Different types of dal and states make another style of dal because they use other methods.

Ingredients make a restaurant-style dal tadka

Dal: we use two types of dal, toor dal and a small amount of moong dal

Veggies: like onion and garlic and tomato puree 

Green chili, ginger, and garlic 

Whole spices like bay leaves, kasuri methi, amchur powder, etc

How to make dal tadka

you can only follow 3 step 

Step 1: Cook the dal 

Firstly wash all the dals 2-3 times, then add water according to the dal or add a pinch of turmeric powder and vegetable oil. After clo9se the pressure cooker after 3 to 4 to whistle, then turn off the stove and check dal is cooked soft if not, then put the stove again once it’s cooked, then turn off the stove and put it aside.

Step2:Make dal fry 

You can use kadai on the stove; add oil when it is heated, jeera dry red chili bay leaf after they crackle, and chopped garlic and ginger. Saute 5 to 10 minutes. Do not let the color change. After adding onion and green chili. Saute a medium flame after they are soft, then add cooked until they become soft. Add salt according to taste, turmeric, coriander powder, kasuri methi, and anchor powder. After, add dal with hot water and boil to mix the species and add chopped coriander leaves. Its ready dal tadka

Step3: Add tadka 

Heat ghee in a small pan when hot, then add jeera, chopped garlic, and dry red chili .let the seed crackle and turn off the flame, then add Kashmiri red chili powder. Add to hot daal and cover-up. 

Ready to dal tadka in restaurant style. Garnish fresh coriander leaves, then serve it.

Pro tips :

  1. Use the best quality dals 
  2. Do not boil too much 
  3. Use fresh ingredients
  4. If you want spicy, then add green chili, don’t add red chili 
  5. And keep the consistency according to your want or restaurant style.

What can you serve with dal tadka

You can serve dal tadka with basmati rice, jeera rice chapatis, and veggies, so if you want to eat restaurant style, then dal tadka with rumali roti and butter naan is the best combination with dal tadka. You have a choice of what to eat with dal tadka 

How to store dal tadka

  1. After making a dal, we know about how to store dal tadka
  2. Put a leftover dal in the refrigerator with an airtight container for 2 to 3 days 
  3. Before serving, reheat dal and add water according to consistency 
  4. adding fresh tadka then dal makes it taste like a restaurant 
  5. Shortly after guests come into the house, it’s the best option to quickly make a portion of food because it is easy to heat in the microwave and stove.

If you want to make this type of recipe, you will feel grateful. You can easily make this recipe. Or if you want to enjoy dal tadka, you can visit Sylvania Indian Restaurant.

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