Indian cuisine: Get an insight into Indian culture and traditions through food

Indian cuisine tells a lot about its culture

Food in Sanskrit means bhojana (which is made for enjoyment), in Hindi it means Khana, and with every other Indian language, it is different. Since the 1960s, the Indian food economy has evolved a lot and there is a lot more in store. There are plenty of dishes which you can give a try depending on what you like or prefer.

Moreover, people are also inclined towards cooking and how they can transform the dish & take it to a new level. There are many Indian cooking shows held where people come with the best Indian food and mostly the contestants are housewives or doing some other job. They get to take their passion to a whole new level by working with celebrity chefs like Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor, and many other well-known faces.

There is a reason that the demand for Indian Restaurant Sydney is increasing a lot not just among the Indians but even Australians who prefer Indian cuisine.

Different methods of preparation

With an endless number of food options come different cooking methods and the ingredients added to the dish also tells about the particular state. There is no doubt that a lot has been conceptualized and people’s preference over the food choices & daily lifestyle have changed which includes the food.

The different food options are divided based on local and regional cuisine & people prefer something different. Due to the diversity in the Indian culture, you can taste different textures, flavors, and some of them are seasonally produced items that give the food a different taste.

History and the Culinary Imagination

India has defined itself gastronomically since the 20the century. With the Mughal dynasty, there was a wave of food options from Central Asia like pilafs, dried fruit, stuffed meat, wheat bread, fruits, and poultry. Now the meat you get to taste on the tandoor or skewer is also brought in by them. In addition, different ingredients were brought like pepper, clove, and cardamom along with eggplant, carrots, and unique Mughali food was also brought in.

Indo-Chinese food

No doubt, there are ethnic dishes in the Indian cuisine but there are other variants like Indo-Chinese meals which people get to taste in the Indian restaurants. The street vendors are coming up with different variations like Hakka noodles, Gobi Manchurian, and whatnot. This is also done to attract the people more towards the Indian food and make them understand about its importance properly.

Traditional food with a modern touch

No doubt, there are regional differences but people all across the world are drooling over Indian cuisine. One of the parts is Punjabi food which has made a different place in the hearts of food lovers. From different types of bread to vegetables, you can have anything & everything you want. Some of the dishes are spicy, gravy-based, and simple. The way spices are added to the dish is what makes it mouth-watering and best. To make a mark all over the world, the Indian chefs are coming up with different ideas which have been a hit, no one has ever imagined.

Indian festivals and food

Now both these things cannot go without each other. Many Hindu temples offer fruits to the devotees when they come to greet the god. Moreover, at the Indian festivals, different dishes and sweets are cooked to make the day even better.

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