Delicious Indian Food Items You Can Add To The Wedding Menu List

On an auspicious occasion, one must celebrate it with something grand and unique. Each factor must be seen accordingly to have a blast of the time in the event.

If you are thinking about celebrating your wedding day with some delicious food to serve to your guest, but you are confused about which kind of cuisine you should involve in the menu list.

Do not worry anymore; we will give you the best cuisine idea and the list from which you can hopefully curate some of the items for your big day.

Indian cuisine is one of the most liked and famous cuisine throughout the globe; you can easily try out some of the most delicious food items from the Indian Restaurant In Sydney. If you are worried about impressing your guests, you can easily add Indian food to the menu list. It will cater to all kinds of people from children to grown-ups. Nobody would be disappointed with the vast range of food items.

Menu items for special events

  • Vegetable platter and fruit kebabs

Let us start with something that would be light yet a refreshing addition to the incredible variety of food. Organic and fresh assorted veggies are a must on the wedding menu list. Not everyone is there to eat unhealthily; having an option to indulge in light food must always be there. Also, to munch on, you can add some fruits in a stick like the kebabs to give the wedding gathering more energy and fun. 

  • Add mocktails to the bar.

Adding cocktails to the bar menu can be a little too expensive and daunting. This is why you can always add some non-alcoholic or mocktails that are in the hype, It is loved and even children could indulge in it. There are varieties of mocktails available, from basic to some high-end quality. But to quench the thirst, beverages are a must. Also, it ensures that the guests do not lose their sense during the party. LOL

  • Mutton korma

Let us now delve into the delicious main course of Indian cuisine. It has various options, and you can choose any one of them. But mutton korma reeks of richness which would definitely win many hearts. Pretty sure many are going to order the same next day for their own little party.

  • Butter chicken

Which Indian cuisine is complete without butter chicken in the list? It is impossible to exclude those delicious and marvelous food items. The creamy and velvety texture is sure to be loved by everyone, including children and some picky eaters too. Add some naans and rice to along with it, and see the smile on your guests.

  • Indian street food

For the appetizers, add some Indian street food. This will help them have a taste of each item while also not filling their stomach for the main course. Some of those include chaat, pakoras, Pani puri, and many more.

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