Indian Cuisine – The unbeatable combination of the bombarding flavours

Hasty & Tasty Food

All of us have tried Indian food every once in our lives. The individuals who try it once will always crave to eat it one more time. It is said that when you are dining on Indian food, then your tummy will get filled but your taste buds can’t. This is the main reason that even the single person who has visited the India restaurant in Sydney orders for the full plates of the vegetables and the other tasty delights.

Indian Food – The First Love Of The Foodies

No matter whether you are an Indian or you belong to any other country, if you are foody and have tried Indian food, then no other cuisine would attract you more than the Indian meals.

Why Is It So?

Much More Than Food

Indian cuisine is not only loved because of the taste and mouthwatering delights, There are so many things which attract the foodies. From Indian culture to food ethics, everything contributes a lot to making this cuisine the WORLD’S BEST CUISINE.

Food Ethics

Eat with Hands

Sit on the Ground

  • The food ethics are so beautiful and meaningful as each of the aspects has a particular story and the meaning behind it. Indians do not appreciate the use of cutlery like the forks and the spoons. They consider eating the food with their hands.

Belief: It is because of the belief, that the tips of the fingers have certain good energies which will help you to get up our internal body filled with great vibes and good energies.

  • Also, Indians consume food on the dining tables. The Indian food culture has never been a show-off and Indian people are down-to-earth. So they believe they have the food while sitting on the ground. There are some religious and cultural beliefs associated with it as well.

Simple Yet Different Techniques



  • The process of converting the raw ingredients into tasty food merely needs the Indian Tadka. The Indian tadka is like magi which can bring out the taste in the dull daal as well.
  • The process to lock the flavours in the biryani is known as Dum. The Indian techniques are supposed to extract the flavours from the food.

Heroes Of Indian Food



Without spices and Herbs, the taste which is praised will never be possible to relish. From Spices to Herbs, everything is responsible for making Indian food the best kind of food. If these masalas (spices or herbs) are not added in any of the Indian dish or meals, then nobody would consider it as Indian :

  • Turmeric
  • Black Pepper
  • Red chilli powder Mixed herbs powder
  • Garam Masala
  • Bay Leaves
  • Nutmeg Powder
  • Kasoori Methi

Final Comments!

There are appetizers, main course meals, and the sweet dish which helps to awaken your taste buds and give them something to fast on.

So in the end, we could only say that

INDIAN FOOD is Unbeatable

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