Indian Cuisine: Which are the most loved and best Indian main course options?

‘Food is love’ and that is one thing which binds people of different religions together. No matter from which part of the world you are, when you travel to a different place you are going to try different food options to please your taste buds. Good food will not only be divine to the taste buds but it is going to be highly satisfying to the soul. One of the most loved categories is Indian food. Sylvania Indian Restaurant is one of the known Indian Restaurant Sydney which is not only famous among the Indians but is highly preferred by the Australians to taste the amazing Indian flavors with different Indian dishes. Here are some of the most loved Indian main course recipes which you need to give a try.

Most loved Indian main course options

  • Flatbreads

Indian flatbreads are of great choice as they can be tried with anything. You can have it with vegetable-based recipes and dal-based (lentils) recipes. Moreover, there are different options which you can choose from like paratha (stuffed with vegetables like paneer, cauliflower potato, onion, and much more), roti, naan, chapati, and much more. Depending on what you like or want, you can order that when you visit the Indian restaurant.

  • Dals

The Indian menu is filled with amazing dals which are mouth-watering & with every bite you can taste the Indian flavors with perfection. Different sorts of Indian masala paste are added to the dal to make it delectable. Some of the peppy ingredients which are the heart of dals are turmeric, crushed groundnuts, tamarind, lemon juice, red chili powder, garlic, and much more are bind together considering which meal is prepared. Just try it once and for sure you are going to ask for more.

  • Rice

Biryani lovers are present in every nook and corner of the world. The love for Hyderabadi biryani has grown ten times more because of the way it is prepared and all the spices added to the Biryani. Moreover, these are cooked on a slow flame which is the reason for them having an earthy flavor. Whether you want something simple or elaborate with rice recipes there are all sorts of options available at the Indian restaurant.

  • Vegetables (Sabzi recipe)

Vegetables are endless and so are the Indian vegetable options available at the Indian restaurant. You can try out Butter paneer, paneer masala, palak paneer, dum aloo, bhindi ki sabzi, and much more.

Taste the goodness of Indian food

Being a foodie it is difficult to stop yourself when you see amazing recipes and presented by the Indian chefs with perfection. The goodness with every meal can be tasted to the best when you have the Indian meal at the best restaurant like – Sylvania Indian Restaurant. Why not go crazy with food? Is there anything that is stopping you? Christmas is around the corner…Add something even better in your memory bank by having the best Indian meal at our restaurant. Allow us to let you celebrate ‘LIFE’ with our loved ones.

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