Mastering Indian Dining Etiquette with 5 Essential Dos and Don’ts

Many tourists visit India every year mainly because of the natural scenic beauty and mouth-watering food items. Moreover, Indians are known for their hospitability and this has gained the appreciation of visitors across the globe. In case you are planning to come to this part of the world you must be aware of the unique Indian dining etiquette which we have mentioned in this blog. 

  1. Eating using hands

Virtually every Indian household follows the practice of eating with hands. If you visit any Indian restaurant in Sydney you will be encouraged to stick to this principle for sure. Indians like to use their hands for eating since they think that it is possible for the natural flavors of food items and spices to reach our mouths in that manner. Here, we like to mention that not every food item is consumed with hands, and spoons are used for consuming gravy and curry.

  1. Make sure to wash your hands before and following a meal

We often tend to believe that most Indian recipes are prepared under unhygienic conditions that can result in an upset belly in the long run. However, the fact is that we often suffer from stomach upsets because of the harmful bacteria which is present in our hands that we use for having Indian meals. For this reason, it is customary thing to wash hands before and after a meal in India for maintaining the cleanliness of the hands.

  1. Sharing food while eating with family

Indians don’t like the idea of having their meals alone and instead, they like to eat in the company of their near and dear ones. According to most Indians, sharing food implies affection and love. They teach their kids to share their meals with others from an early age. However, never share the food from the plate and instead, share it from the serving bowl.      

  1. Have food using the right hand

In India, individuals think that using the left hand while having meals can be unhygienic since the left hand is considered to be dirty. One should only use the right hand while consuming Indian food in Sydney and other parts of the planet. Never use the left hand for passing food items in India and try to place it at your side instead of keeping it on the table. 

However, we like to assert that it is not compulsory to use the right hand for eating food in India. Some Indians have been noticed to use both hands while getting the job done. Although this practice varies from one location in the country to the other, the affluent class usually uses forks and knives to consume their meals.

  1. Don’t leave the food midway

It will not be a good idea to leave the food midway before you have completed your meal. Moreover, never stand while dining along with others since it might result in a bad impression.  


Sylvania Indian Restaurant is known to provide some lip-smacking food items for the satisfaction of visitors throughout the year. Many Indians thought that the usage of napkins or clothes while washing hands can be unhygienic; it is becoming increasingly acceptable in the Indian culture. If you are thinking of visiting an authentic Indian eatery in town, then you must not ignore Sylvania Indian Restaurant by any means. 

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