Which are the best Indian dishes that are made up of spinach or palak?

Many of the Indian dishes are being cooked in the combination with palak or spinach. It’s because of the taste and the health benefits that Indian like to include it in their dietary routine.

In today’s blog, we shall be discussing some of such items which are made by using the palak or the spinach as the hero ingredient.

    • Palak Paneer


Whenever some guests are approaching, then the menu must contain the palak paneer. The dish which includes the paneer is considered as the welcoming dish in the Indian culture. But that surely does not mean that it is difficult to prepare. It is one of the simplest recipes which gets prepared in an hour.

To make this dish, first of all, the gravy of the onions and tomato are being prepared and then the cheese cubes are cooked. No sooner have the cheese got the flavour of the gravy, these are mixed in the cooked spinach.

Enjoy this delicious and mouthwatering delight with the paratha, roti or naan.

    • Palak Paneer Rolls


This is an Indian food variety that you can enjoy with tea. In this, you will find everything green. The uncooked or cooked slices or cubes of the cottage cheese are filled as a stuffing in the spinach parathas. To get the best flavour out of it, you can try it with any chutney or the pickle.

    • Palak Omelette

No, it’s not weird. You can consider it as a fusion of the non-vegetarian and the vegetarian dish. If you are an eggetarian or like to have something very interesting but eggy for your breakfast then spinach Omelette might be a suggestive and better option for you. The recipe is so simple yet tasty which includes the frying of the has rolls stuffed with the spinach.


Make sure you are frying both sides equally and at equal time intervals. Fry until the rolls do not come out to be crispy.

Palak Pakoda


My personal favourite! It is the must-to include item in all Indian weddings. For the preparation of the palak pakoda, you need to prepare a gram flour batter that has the required consistency and include the following items:

    • Carrom and Cumin seeds
    • Ginger and Garlic ( If you like)
    • Asafoetida
    • Onions

The spinach fillings are deep-fried in the mustard oil after getting dipped in the gram flour.

    • Hara Bhara Kabab


The healthiest tummy-filling evening snack is made by using mashed spinach and vegetables. These two ingredients are thoroughly mixed in the pan. You can eat it all alone or to make it more interesting to feed your kids, you can make the burger by using it as a patty.

    • Palak rice

Not everyone likes to eat green vegetables. But the parents are always worried about feeding their children something healthy and nutritious. None other vegetable can be as healthy as green vegetables. So if you are also that worried parent, then you should try out the palak rice. The spinach puree is prepared, the puree consists of different and tasty seasonings and herbs. The rice is then mixed with the spinach. If you want to enhance the taste of this dish, you can also incorporate the curd which will taste too good.

    • Palak Paneer Bhurji

This dish is usually made when you do not have much time for cooking but you surely want to make something out of spinach. The scrambled cottage cheese is cooked along with the chopped spinach. Instead of the cottage cheese, you can also include the potatoes. Make sure to make a nice gravy as it is responsible for making your dish tasty and healthy.

    • Dal Palak

Despite the diversifications, this dish is cooked all over India. In this dish, the lentils are cooked along with the palak or spinach. At last, these are tempered with spices. This is best enjoyed with the roti and the naan.

    • Chana Palak

This is the same as the dal palak but the little difference in this dish lies in its constituents. As lentils were used in the dal palak but, the chickpeas are used in place of the lentils.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned dishes are the best Indian dishes which are made up of Palak. By reading their recipes and the health benefits, you are sure to give any of the above-mentioned items a try.


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