Immense Rise Of Indian Food Lovers For Its Taste In Australia In 2020

Food lovers are in every nook and corner of the world. Being a food lover, we are always in search of something which tastes unique, and it should explode all our taste buds. One of the highly famous food educators Stephanie Alexander AO is known for his groundbreaking work, and he talked about one of his visits to India. Read this blog to know what he has to say.

  • How popular is Indian food abroad?

He said the Indian restaurant food has grown popular among Australians. Indian cuisine has a rich taste to it that we cannot find anywhere, and it is famous among young people. It is especially famous among the people who have travelled to India, and they have the best time of their lives in India.

  • What about the food association between India and Australia?

Surprisingly, the food association has grown a lot between India and Australia. No doubt, Indian food existed in Australia but earlier it was in the simple form. At that time, the food did not depict the complexities and precise details about the regional Indian food.

With time, the Indian families have started living in Australia, and more number of students are coming to Australia to pursue higher education. It is one of the main reasons their love for Indian food has grown in Australia.

  • Can you tell us about some of the interesting food industry trends?
  • In India and Australia, it is the habit to pre-prepare the food because of the lack of time. No doubt, they are not that interesting as making food with fresh ingredients. However, this trend is on the rise in Australia and even in India for some families.
  • Another trend is that a small number of people are moving to the option of organic food and many new businesses have shifted their focus on this food trend. In the last few years, its demand has increased a lot. But, this is expensive and it is something which ordinary families will not prefer.


  • What style of cooking do you prefer?

Fresh food according to the season. When we cook fresh food, it is made with perfection, love, and there is not much mess.

  • What do you want to say about the food scenarios changes going on?

With time we must educate our children about the different types of food which can benefit them. If they start incorporating the essential food items at a young age it will benefit them in the long run. It is important to educate them about the importance of food during school time.

He also mentioned that he loved having idli, and it is the perfect option to get the savory flavour that makes the entire dish taste the best. Being a food lover, you cannot stop thinking about trying something new but tasty.

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