Indian Restaurants And Its Different Table Styles For The Customer

One of the crucial aspects of running a successful restaurant business is to plan the whole interior design and also its layout. It should not be pretty and aesthetic, although it is a great criterion, make sure that it fulfills all the requirements of the customers. Versatility and multifunctional should be your go-to furniture pieces as they are not only comfortable but inviting too.

Do make sure to match them with the theme of the restaurant, as it will look cohesive. When you are choosing what you want to purchase for the space, make sure you keep the layout in your mind- from selection to design.

Remember that Planning for restaurant furniture is not similar to buying residential chairs and tables. What you have to do is choose commercial-grade furniture for your Indian restaurant in Sutherland Shire, as it will be easy for you to withstand the heavy usage and the demands that a busy restaurant has

Different Types Of Tables Styles

Based on the type of ambiance you want to create, the availability of the space, and the need for setting. You can get different types of restaurant tables, so choose wisely.

Some of the options include:

  • Two to four-person tables and chairs

One of the most famous designs for tables is undoubtedly the two to four sets. The manufacturer generally sold them as two separate components- the tabletop and the base. You will be able to get the tabletops in different ranges of wood finishes, including laminate, resin, and granite. Apart from that, you will also be able to customize the tabletop with an ingrain of your specific design or logo for branding. The size of the table varies in sizes from 24*24 inches (square) to 48*36 inches (rectangular).

On the other hand, the round table is available in 24*36 inch diameters. They are a perfect choice to accommodate two to four diners at once. In most situations, the table tops are connected to pedestal-style bases. You can also choose stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum bases. The best thing for your Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in sydney is to opt for commercial grade level tables that the manufacturer explicitly designs for many purposes.

  • Bar height tables

Another table and chair that you must install in your restaurant is a bar height table. If you have a bar in your restaurant, then it is a perfect table arrangement for you. In order to create a high-top table, you would require to fit at least a 41-inch base. You can select either square or round top for the tables. However, you should know the specifics of the base in order to evaluate the maximum size of the tabletop effectively. You should also install a footrest at the bottom for comfort. Most of the time, restaurant owners install bar stools for such kinds of tables. 

  • Family dining table

Install a dining table that can accommodate at least eight to ten people without any difficulty. These types of tables are often round or rectangular in shape and available in a wide range of wood finishes.

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