Chicken Delicacies That You Should Order From An Indian Restaurant

Do you want to gorge on some flavorful Indian chicken dish that would awaken new flavors for you?

Well, if you enjoyed the most famous butter chicken from the Indian restaurant in Sutherland Shire, then you would like other chicken dishes that our chef prepares.

It is time for you to grace your table with unique yet remarkable Chicken dishes that would make you drool for more.

We all know that Indian cuisine offers a blend of aromatic spices and herbs. And to top it off, you have tons of options to select from. There are irresistible Indian chicken dishes that you can order from Indian food delivery in Sydney.

Famous Chicken Dishes That You Should Try

These are some of the most asked or ordered chicken dishes that you can add to your list for the following order. And let me tell you, you would not be disappointed.

  • Murgh Malaiwala

Murgh malaiwala is somewhat similar to butter chicken with a similar flavor profile yet a different technique. The chef uses premium quality ingredients such as milk, cream, saffron, rose petals, white pepper powder, garam masala, fenugreek leaves, and cardamom powder. The balance of each spice creates a unique creation that you would love to order again and again. Make your dining experience extraordinary with our service and enjoy delicious chicken cuisine like never before.

  • Butter Chicken

It is impossible not to talk about butter chicken when discussing Indian cuisine. Butter chicken is the pride and the shine of Indian cuisine. You should definitely try out butter chicken once, if not yet. It has a creamy texture with mild flavors or spices. You will get a heavy weft of aromatic herbs and spices, making butter chicken much more special. You can order them along with some butter naan and enjoy the doughy bread with creamy sauce and tender chicken.

  • Roasted Chicken masala

The chicken is succulent and so tender that it will melt in your mouth. The chef marinates the chicken pieces in advance with various spices and herbs. After the marination, the chef roasts the chicken until it is tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked. Some common spices the chef uses to marinate chicken are ginger-garlic, red chili powder, chaat masala, tandoori masala, and peppercorn masala. All these ingredients give the chicken a decadent flavor that seeps through the chicken.

  • Kadai Chicken

Are you looking for something that will give you all the taste? Then you should opt for Kadai chicken; it is sweet, spicy, and sour. It is trendy in the northern states of Indian culture. It is a perfect blend of light spices but rich taste. It is a gravy-based chicken curry that the chef cooks in Kadai (wok) with tons of spices and ingredients such as onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, and freshly ground spices to give it a kick.

  • Chicken dum biryani

It is one of the classic aromatic Mughlai delicacies that has gained much popularity over time. No matter the occasion, people love to indulge in this complex dish that presents you with tons of flavors. It is a layered dish that the chef prepares by layering aromatic rice and chicken curry in a handi (vessel) and cooking till all the flavors are infused together.

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