Order These Vegetarians Food Items From An Indian Restaurant

Are you a vegetarian is not sure what you eat when you dine out with your friends or family? Well, it is one of the common problems faced by vegetarians. They do not get many options in the vegetarian section while at a restaurant. The one that they do get is bland in taste or is a salad. I mean, not every vegetarian is there for healthy eating. Some just want to eat something that tastes good without having to choose non-veg.

Do not worry anymore; we have the perfect option for you to satisfy your tastebud and soul. The answer to all your question is Indian food. You can get them at an Indian Restaurant In Sydney, and there are so many different varieties of food items for vegetarians.

Yes! Indian food is like heaven for the non-meat eaters; you can get so many options to choose from each time you go there to quench your hunger.

List Of Vegetarian Items To Try From An Indian Restaurant

Here are a bunch of options to try from if you are ver visiting an Indian restrain and are tired of trying the same old bland fake meat food items. We have some delicious dishes to serve you with exceptional spices and flavours.

  • Paneer gravy

Let us start with the paneer gravy. If you are not aware of what paneer is, you surely are missing an integral part of Indian cuisine. Paneer is an Indian cheese which creamy and velvety in texture. It is one of the staple items served in vegetarian curries. Paneer can be seen in many dishes used for appetizers to amin course, and surprisingly each dishes taste so different from the other. You can also make the same non-veg curries but ask for paneer instead of any meat. Such dishes include butter paneer, paneer tikka masala, Kadai paneer, and many more. Apart from the main dishes, the entrees are also very popular with paneers, such as paneer tikka, paneer pakora (fritter), and many more. So next time your friends ask you to go, take them to an Indian restaurant and enjoy the meal wholeheartedly without worrying about the options.

  • Channa masala

Another item that you could try is channa masala. It is a very famous chickpea gravy that is infused with flavors that are unmatchable. It is an option for vegetarians and if you want to go on a jhelathy path without having to compromise on the taste. 

  • Rajma

Rajma is a staple food item served in an Indian household. Made with various ingredients and spices like coriander powder, red chili powder, garam masala, turmeric, and many more.

  • Dal

A simple and yet so comforting Indian food that you should always order at an Indian restaurant. Dal is a fulfilling lentils soup with many nutritional components in it. There are varieties of dal available, including dal makhani, yellow dal and spinach, dal tadka, and many more.

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