Origin of samosa

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Origin of Samosa 

Samosa offers you the ultimate tongue seduction. The irresistible taste emanates from the triangular tetrahedral golden fried pastry, filled with special mashed potato and vegetables and ground minced meats. The samosa has been famous in South Asian cuisine for the last eight centuries. The taste of the samosa transcends class and status. It has been enjoyed in the courts of sultans, emperors, gullies, and streets of towns and cities across India and Pakistan. 

Different types of fillings for samosa

In India, the most common filling for samosa is potato. 

  • Filling with boiled eggs: Here are two egg-loving variations of the stuffing: prepare an anda bhurji with cooked eggs, a generous amount of chopped onions, coriander, and green chillies. If you prefer a different approach, you might shallow fry the boiled eggs, whole or sliced in half, until they are lightly browned on both sides. Chop tomatoes, salt, ginger, garlic pastes, and your preferred spices should all be sauteed. Add the boiled eggs and stir gently until the mixture dries up. Once it has cooled, the stuffing is ready.
  • Aloo-corn chatpata: This filling can be fixed quickly. Cook diced potatoes and Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn in steam. Add red chili powder, chaat masala, chopped coriander, diced onion, and lemon juice to this mixture and stir thoroughly. You can also add any dried herbs that you choose.
  • Cheese with chillies: The crisp, golden-brown samosa shell contrasts nicely with the mushy, stringy cheese stuffing. Combine diced onions, finely chopped green chillies, and grated or shredded mozzarella cheese. For a more Western twist, you may add dried oregano and herbs instead of the green chillies and sliced jalapenos.
  • Seekh kabab: It is an excellent illustration of quick cooking. After crumbling the chicken, it resembles Kheema; saute it with chopped green chillies, onions, and coriander. Sections of the dough should be rolled out, then spoon a little of the seekh kabab mixture on top, seal, and fry the samosa till golden brown.
  • Pie made of apples: While samosas made with khoya are popular among the public, try this delicious and spicy desi version of apple pie. Cut up apples and cook them in a syrup of sugar, orange and lemon peels, and seasonings like cinnamon and cloves. Cook the chopped dates or raisins in this mixture for one minute or until they become tender. Allow the mixture to cool before using it as samosa filling or adding chopped almonds or cashews fried in ghee for added crunch.

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