Everything you need to know about salt and pepper shakers uses

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are one of the most important options available in homes & restaurants. The first one is said to be invented in 1858 by an American tinsmith named John Mason. No doubt, salt & pepper are the most used spices in every possible dish you can think of. The versatility of salt and pepper makes it easy to add to any possible word you can think about. When you dine out at your favorite Indian Restaurant in Sydney, you will see these salt & pepper shakers on the table, which give you the leverage to add into the dish as per your own choice.

If you talk about the salt and pepper shakers, these have evolved a lot with time. The shakers are designed in a way that allows you to get the right amount & then add it into the dish. These provide great functionality and offer a pleasant look.

Types of Salt & Pepper Shakers

  • Basic salt & pepper shakers

The most simple one in which a container with a lid having holes is included. You need to sprinkle the spices gently, and it will dispense over the food. The holes are precise to get gently sprayed from the container. Depending on the design you get, the spots are different in each. The most important factor is affordability & simplicity, which is neither too fancy nor too simple. But, if you want aesthetically pleasing tableware, then this is not the choice. Although keeping that aside this is something which you can still opt for.

  • Salt & pepper grinders

Salt & pepper grinders are one of the best ways to add the necessary amount of fresh ground pepper & salt. The salt and pepper are added to the dish through the grinding machine, which needs to be rotated. As time passed by, this option started appearing in numerous forms. Moreover, this option makes the salt and pepper upscale in many ways.

  • Wooden salt & pepper shakers

As the name suggests, these are made with wood which offers that natural look, and you can even get it in various styles & settings. It even has round edges and gives that smooth finish, which is why the decorative feel is obtained with the same. The added durability and appealing design make it durable in all ways & everything is paid specific attention.

  • Novelty salt & pepper shakers

Novelty shakers make an excellent choice & these are made of what they look like. Moreover, these can be made with different materials like ceramic or plastic. Many simply display them on the table, or some prefer to bring them out for special occasions. Moreover, these are highly appealing to collectors, or they can be well used for specific methods.



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