The Speciality of Sylvania Indian Restaurant – No Adulterated Food

Our Speciality – No Spice Alterations

The traditional Indian food is popularly remembered for one thing and that is – ‘No Adulterations’. But with time, adulterations became common in every possible thing. So how could it spare the food items? But still, some people are painstakingly trying to bring authentic food without any adulteration among the foodies.

Sylvania – The famous Indian restaurant in Sydney is among them. If you are visiting us for dining on the special Indian food, then expect to experience the authenticness.

  • Naturally Harvested & Freshly Ground

Indian food cannot become tasty and healthy unless all the authentic spices in the correct proportions are not incorporated in it. Since we know the importance of spices for delicious food, we make sure that we handpick them when they are getting naturally harvested. These are also ground only when these are just to be put in the vegetables.

  • The great variety is used

There is a great variety of Indian spices. This is the main reason that Indian food is known as the most diversified kind of food. On average 20 to 25 spices are sure to be put in a single Indian dish. But yes, since our motive is to provide authentic food, we never compromise with the quality.

  • We never compromise with your health

As you might have known, Indian spices are not only used to bring about the taste. But there are several; health benefits also which are associated with it.

For example: In almost all spicy Indian dishes, the use of turmeric is quite common. It is because of the fact, turmeric provides a distinctive taste to the food and its antiseptic properties help to heal the wounds more quickly and make your body highly boosted with immunity.

If this gets adulterated, then it would not be possible for turmeric to provide all these benefits to our bodies. As it is the time for the third COVID wave to come, how can we even think to play with the health of our customers?

  • We intend to build relations

Money making is the primary motive of every business. It is surely one of our motives as well. But before that, we intend to build relations with our foodies on priority. And both these motives cannot be aimed simultaneously.

Our customers will love us only if we present them with what we have promised them.

What else can you expect to experience from us?

You can experience getting premium quality food that will be served on you at highly cost-effective prices.

Bottom Line

If you want to experience the pleasure of having the best quality food, then kindly consider us. We shall make you say, “ What a food! M gonna order that again”.

Each of the Indian dishes will be presented in the best of its flavours, spices and herbs.

So when are you going to visit us!

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