What are the myths, and what exactly is true? How to break the false narrative about Indian Food?

Now in the era of food bloggers, tasting different types of Food and giving reviews on Food is a new trend, and when non-Indians try Indian Food, they say that it is so much spicy, but the same Food is tasty for Indians, so here, in that case, preference matters the most. Like this, there are more myths that are believed by a large number, and they make a perception about it before trying it. In this article, such myths will be uncovered. 

If It’s Not Spicy and Hot, then it must not be Indian Food.

It is not a lie that Indian Food is cooked with a lot of different spices to enrich the flavors in the Food, which makes it spicier. Sometimes it gives your taste buds a tangy flavor but does not make your tongue get on fire as you imagine. As these curries have amazing flavors with less spiciness, they blow your mind and burst the Myth that Indian Food is the spiciest Vindaloo Curry, Mutter Paneer, or Malai Kofta. If you are also craving to try Indian Food, then you must visit an Indian Restaurant to tickle your taste buds and to break the false narrative of spicy Indian Food. 

Curry is the main essence of Indian Food. 

Many people believe that Indian Food is incomplete without curry in any type of dish. Basically, dishes filled with veggies are cooked in boiling water, and slowly that water gets soaked up, and dishes take the form of gravy and are served hot with different types of bread and rice. Curries are a vital component of an Indian platter, but an Indian platter is not just full of curries but also has dry dishes. The Best Indian restaurant serves you the best Indian Food away from India and gets every type of Indian food item on your plate. 

Indian Food is full of fats and is unhealthy. 

This Myth would be the most misjudged misconception most people have about Indian Food as this Food is cooked every day in every household in India. The mothers of India cook healthy and tasty Food for their families, just as restaurants provide. Street food can be oily and unhealthy sometimes, but it does not mean that whole Indian Food is full of unhealthy fats. 

Indian Food only consists of vegetarian food items 

Many non-vegetarian food lovers believe that Indian Food only has food items prepared with various veggies. But they may not try tandoori chicken, mutton curry, prawn curry, and chicken biryani, and the list goes on further. If you once tried non-vegetarian Food cooked with Indian spices, you can not resist having it again. 

Indian Food can only be served with rice or Naan. 

It’s the false narrative set by many non-Indians about Indian Food that the dishes are full of curries and can only be served or eaten with rice and Naan; it is not possible as Naan is only made in tandoor and households do not have it. They cook several loaves of bread in their houses, like chapati, paratha, and roti, and rice is not only served as plain , they are eaten cooked as biryani and fried rice but also in many other ways.  


As the if you also want to break the false narrative created in your mind, then you must try the amazing Indian Food at any Indian restaurant, as they provide you with the best Food and helps you in getting an honest review about Indian Food. You are surely going to fall in love with Indian Food. 

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