What are the various myths and facts about world-famous Indian food?

As we know, Indian food is most commonly identified as hot and spicy food. But what makes it so? As per the chefs of the famous Indian restaurant Sydney (Sylvania Indian Restaurant), “There is a component in the chillies which is known as the capsaicin, which makes the taste of the dish come out to be hot & spicy. If the chillies are used in moderation, these are extremely healthy. Otherwise, who does not know that excess of everything is bad.” Apart from the chillies, there are other herbs and spices which do possess various health-merits, but still, they contribute in making the food spicy and hot.

In today’s piece of writing, we intend to reveal all the facts for the myths that have been prevalent about Indian food all around the world.

Are you ready for that?

Myth: Indian food is spicy and thus unhealthy

Fact: Spices contain antioxidants. (Spicy can be healthy, sometimes)

As we discussed this thing in the overview, Indian food can be healthy despite being so spicy. The spice is not only contributed by the chillies and the peppers, rather it is the other kinds of the herbs and the spices which are also accountable for making it hot and spicy like the cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves and many more.

Also, the use of spices in the food makes it quintessentially rich in antioxidants.

These spices are also accountable for bringing flavours in the dull vegetables like bitter gourd, bottle gourd and spinach.

  • Myth: Indian food is fattening

Fact: The consumption in moderation can never be fattening

Indian food is cooked with the motive to make your tummy full so that you always feel energetic. But if you keep on eating in huge amounts ( which are not usually suggested), then the fattening is quite evident.

Apart from that, if you are visiting the Sylvania restaurant, then the chefs who prepare the food are always mindful of the amount or the quantity of the oil used. POur chefs have been trained to bring about the maximum health content in the food.

Also, none of our chefs keeps on using the same oil for frying purposes over and over again, as it results in oxidation, which is not at all suggestive for the body.

At our restaurant, we especially benefit our customers with the choices and preferences of the oil in which the food is supposed to be cooked.

  • Myth: The preparation of gravy is always unhealthy

Fact: Not always. You can limit the use of the ingredients as per your choice.

The preparation for the gravy is said to be unhealthy. But it surely is not! In the gravy, the following ingredients are being put:



Garam Masala





Curry leaves

And I surely do not think that the incorporation of any of the above-mentioned innards would make the gravy unhealthy.

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