What makes ‘Indian cuisine’ favorite of people all over the world?

When anyone talks about Indian food, they are generally reminded of the mesmerizing aroma, the fusion of spices & herbs, and the stupendous taste of different dishes. But Indian restaurants have kept the roots of our ancestors alive by using the traditional techniques of cooking.

Let’s get to know about the secrets and facts of Indian restaurant and Traditional food:

  • Chilly or Plain dishes

There are a numerous variety of Indian dishes.

-Some are made with very strong flavors like chilly, garlic, and ginger.

-Some are made with very plain flavors like only tomato or seasoning with salt or peppers.

  • Fried and Steamed

Indian food is considered to be the food that makes you gain weight unknowingly because of the oil content. But approximately all the Indian food items can be made through either frying or steaming.

-Frying is considered a process that takes very little time. Within a couple of moments, you can fry Kofta, Pakoras, etc.

-Some people are very health conscious but they love to have Indian food. For those people, steaming is one way of cooking the same food items which can be fried.

  • Particular and Specification Oriented cooking

Some of the Indian dishes are cooked keeping in mind the specifications like temperature, oil, the ratio of water with the main ingredient, particular herbs. For instance; if we are attempting to make a traditional naan or roti, we have to keep in mind the accurate ratio of water, oil, curd, and sugar. We have to knead the dough with correct postulations and after that, it has to be kept for the specified period.

  • Spicy gravy (Curry)

This is a very fundamental thing of Indian vegetables. One mistake in spicy gravy or curry can devastate your whole dish. Usually, curry is made by heating the oil and putting in bay leaves.

  • Style of Cooking

There are generally many different styles of cooking that vary from region to region, state to state, or even house to house.

For instance;

-Some people cook dal (pulse or lentils) on the stove while others love to cook on traditional chulha (wood or coal-burning kitchen stove) and after the daal is cooked, a leaf is placed on the top of the daal and on that a lump of burning coal is stationed and ghee is sprinkled on the coal. This traditional process enhances the aroma along with the flavor of the daal.

-Some people cook ‘gajar-ka-halwa’ (Carrot Halwa) with the milk itself while others use ‘mawa’ or ‘khoa’.

-There are many styles of cooking vegetable gravy. One way is to use both Tomatoes and onions while another way is to use only either tomatoes or onions. One way is to spice the gravy is to use either red or green chilies and another way is to incorporate only black pepper.

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