What makes Indian food spicy? Can you adjust the spice level as per your liking?

Be it North Indian cuisine or South Indian cuisine, people who have not tried the Indian food, in general, think that it is extremely spicy and they won’t be able to tolerate the spice level. When you visit the Indian Restaurant Sydney you can adjust the spice level as per your needs. Just make sure that you tell the chef beforehand what is your liking and they will get the same for you.

Is North Indian cuisine spicy?

North Indian cuisine is known as the spiciest cuisine, but still, people drool over it. The best part is that you can taste a variety of options that you cannot taste anywhere else. North Indian cuisine came into existence in the form of cuisine and Persian food & these are brought in by the Mughal rulers.

The first Mughal emperor was Babur although he did not live for a long time to establish the royal cuisine. But in his region, one thing which was seen is that he hired several Indian chefs to make the Persian dishes from the list of local ingredients.

Spice it up as per your liking

You can spice up the food as per your need and taste. The addition of spices in the food helps to make it tasty and it even prevents the food from getting spoiled. So, the spices are worth adding to the food because they can give you the added benefit of making the food tasty and last for a longer time.

Oil and butter are an important part

North Indian cuisine primarily contains butter and oil which are known for making the food taste even better. Moreover, its addition is going to also prevent the food from getting spoiled. It is known for giving the food an authentic taste which you cannot get to have from any other cuisine.

Even if you talk about the households, specifically the homemade ghee is used in the dishes which are known for giving a different flavor. This is true that their addition changes the entire dish altogether and you won’t get much taste with any other cuisine.

What are the topmost spices and their effects?

  • Onion, garlic, all spices, and oregano are known as the best type of bacteria killers.
  • With the addition of cumin, cinnamon, thyme, and tarragon around 80% of the bacteria is killed.
  • Hot peppers, chilies, capsicum, and hot peppers can kill the bacteria presence by 75%.
  • The addition of lemon juice, celery seed, anise seeds, ginger, and black pepper can help to kill the bacteria presence by 25%.

Well! It tells why having Indian cuisine is the best option and how its popularity is increasing all over the globe. When the Indian dishes are prepared, the addition of species and chilies can be according to your liking. The combination of different spices in one particular dish is worth the best choice.

Want to taste something good?

Sylvania Indian restaurants serve the most delectable Indian dishes to satiate your taste buds with the best and quality food.

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