Which are the most-loved and common traditional drinks you can find in India?

Indian taste at its best

At Sylvania Indian Restaurant, when customers come to get the taste of Indian food they get highly intrigued by the way food tastes and the way it is presented. It’s not just about serving the food, but we want to create a wholesome experience for the customers so that they get to know about the Indian cuisine in a better manner. To be the best Indian Restaurant Sydney we make sure that the customers get the best knowledge about the Indian meal. It’s not just the food but even the Indian drinks are one-of-a-kind. If we have ever tried to discover the Indian drinks, there are high chances that you only got yourself familiar with the Indian chai and Lassi, but there’s more to it. In this blog, we have mentioned in detail the Indian drinks you can give a try.

Most-loved traditional Indian drinks

  • Masala Chai – Delight to taste buds

Masala chai for the Indians cannot be replaced by any other drink present in the entire world. This traditional hot drink is made with whole milk, sugar, black tea, and spices. In the option of spices, there is ginger, star anise, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.

  • Filter coffee – Get the fine taste of coffee

Filter coffee (Kaapi) is one of the most loved coffee types from South India. People in Madras prefer this coffee type because of the way it is finely brewed at a low temperature. The coffee preparation is done in the filter which is made through stainless steel. The aroma and flavor are something different with it.

  • Lassi – Start of Punjab

Lassi is one of the famous Indian drinks which Punjabis cannot resist. It is made with yogurt and it can be prepared in a sweet & savory version. One of the refreshing drinks which are a must-try during the summer season. Moreover, if you are having spicy Indian food, then this is a must-have to balance the taste.

  • Nimbu Pani- Refreshing & comforting drink

Nimbu pani is also known as Shikanji. Nimbu means lemon and it can be prepared in a sugar & savory version. The added option of powdered cumin is the best choice as it gives that refreshing taste to beat the heat in summers. If you have ever visited India then you will find it sold by street vendors.

  • Panneer soda – Enviling flavor

Are you thinking about what paneer (cheese) has to do with a drink? No! Paneer is not added to the drink. This panneer is a Tamil word that stands for ‘Rose Water’. This drink is made by simply mixing rose water or essence, soda (sparkling water), or sugar. Another thirst-quenching drink, which is a must-try.

Make your taste buds go crazy with Indian food

Are you someone who has not even tried Indian food just once? You are missing out on a different food world that you have not even imagined. Every bite will explode flavors in your mouth. The best part about Indian cuisine is that you can adjust the spices and ingredients as per your liking. Go through our menu and order what seems best to you – https://sylvaniaindianrestaurant.com.au/menu/

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