Which are the topmost Indian desserts which you need to give a try?

I Love India and Indian Food. This is something that my inner self says to me every day. No doubt, when we started the venture of Sylvania Indian Restaurant we only had one aim in our mind and that was to be the best Indian Restaurant Sydney. Before we planned to open our Indian restaurant we analyzed the restaurant market and understood that not just Indians living in Australia but Australians demand to have Indian food. People want to choose and get something different & that is what Indian cuisine has in store for everyone. Such cuisine indeed has everything be it AMAZING, TASTY, FRESH, AUTHENTIC, or any other good word you can think of. When you search for the ‘Best Indian restaurant’ near you the excitement you have, we want to keep that alive in every possible manner.

Well! As festival season is going on in India…Ahh! One of the best and different experiences altogether. So, we decided why not dedicate this blog to the best Indian desserts which are highly preferred by the foodies and they don’t want to miss a single chance to have a bite of the same.

Best and Tasty Indian Desserts

  • Gulab Jamun

If you have been a Chicken Tikka Lover or Butter Chicken lover, the Gubal Jamun is a must-have in the dessert option. The gulab jamun is made with small balls which are deep-fried & then dunked in the sugar syrup which makes it juicy and soft with every bite.

  • Halwa

Whenever I talk about halwa I always think of Kada Prasad which we get at Gurdwara. The halwa is made with different flour options like wheat flour, semolina, root vegetables, or chickpea flour. The halwa is cooked with ghee, water/milk, and sugar.

  • Gajar halwa

Another type of halwa is perfect for the winter season. It is made with grated carrots along with sugar, milk, and ghee. We love to make this during the winter season and have it with the entire family.

  • Besan halwa

Besan (Chickpea flour) is another type of halwa. It contains a rich amount of sugar syrup.

  • Barfi

Barfi is a solidified form that has a milk-based pudding. To make this delectable barfi which is light and tasty, the sweet batter needs to be made thick and later is set to cool down. There are different options for barfi like Kaju ki barfi, almond barfi, Pista barfi, and doodh peda. Kaju ki barfi is my personal favorite and if you ever get a chance you should try it out.

Try out the best of Indian desserts to have the best time

Personally, for special occasions, Indian sweets are needed to make it even better. No matter what you choose it will be the best and your time will be even better than you expected it to be. Moreover, after every Indian meal, people like to have Indian sweets which make the entire meal complete, and the taste buds are satisfied the way it should be.

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