Why is Pani Puri famous? Which new variations are seen in the pani puri?

If you are an Indian, then the taste of the Pani is sure to make you crave it. The main reason for the popularity behind the Pani Puri is that it is immensely diversified and a flexible dish which means that you can choose the fillings and the waters of your choice. That is why the Pani puri is served with all the possible fillings and the waters in the Best Indian Restaurant In Sutherland Shire. Indian They serves all the appetizing Indian food dishes with a great serving style. 


How is Pani Puri made? 

First of all, the puris will be cracked in the middle. Then the filling will be added to the puris. The filling can either be of the potatoes or the grams. Usually, diabetic pani puri lovers go for the gram filling. Then the puris are filled with delicious chutneys and savoury waters. 


As we know that the pan puri is an extremely versatile dish, then you can consider eating the chaat instead of the pani puri. 


Why is chaat famous for? 

Chaat has been taken from the word chatna which means something lickable The inclusion of the savoury flavours in the chaat including the tangy, spicy and sweet makes the chaat one of the kind. The tamarind chutney is the hero of the chaat. The green chutney and the tamarind chutney are best known to enhance and intensify the flavour. 


Why are the Pani Puri considered as the evening snack?

Usually, the Pani Puri is considered for consumption in the evening. This is because it is one of the light meals. If you are not so hungry but want to eat something tasty and savoury, then pani puri could be your best partner in that regard. 


Who likes the taste of these pani puris particularly? 

The pani puri is particularly liked by pregnant women. During the pregnancy, the pregnant woman craves eating something tasty and tangy. Then no other thing could beat the taste of the Pani-Puri. The fillings of the pani puri are different in all the pani puri shops. Some concede to use only the boiled and seasoned potatoes. While others consider serving the potatoes included with the onions and the chillies. 


The new variations of the Pani Puri 

The Pan Puri is experiencing new variations. Initially, those who did not want to include the  water in the pani puri were served with the puri full of the potatoes garnished with the onions and the coriander. 


But with the passage of time, the variations in the Pani Puri are catching up at a rapid pace. 


  • The cream Gol Gappa 

No sooner did the children begin to like the mayonnaise in each food item, so how could the pani puri be spared. The raw puri filled with the potato filling till the neck is then topped with the mayonnaise which just turns out to be awesome. 


  • The chocolate Gol Gappa

I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. The chocolate gol gappay is also a favourite of kids and even of some folks. The stuffing filled gol gappe are drizzled with the chocolate sauce and sprinkle with the choco chips. 

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