Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Indian food

After analyzing more than 2000 traditional Indian foods recipes, scientists have said that it is the molecular levels that make Indian food one of a kind. The scientists are of the view that the Indian food made at the Indian restaurant Sydney is so unique because, unlike the other restaurants, the flavours are not getting distracted from the theme of the dish.

Why do the people who try Indian food for the first time desire to eat again and again?
The unique approach is followed to extract the mesmerizing flavour of the dish.

• How many ingredients are added to the Indian dishes on average?
Each Indian Dish must include seven ingredients. It is because of this aspect that Indian food is known as the most flavoursome food. The heterogeneous combination of the various ingredients is unbeatable.

• What is the speciality of Indian food?
The flavours can be enjoyed in every successive bite.

• What is the scientific fact behind the magical working of the flavours?
The brain registers certain sensory impressions which we know as the flavours. Taste and smell are known as the chemicals sensors which are supposed to interact with the food.

• Which elements of Indian food are responsible for making it that popular?
Indian food is not only popular because it is tasty since the taste is limited to the salty, sweet and sour flavours. But along with the taste, it is the aroma also, which also produces positive impressions on the mind of the individuals.

• How can Indian food be a perfect blend of the flavours?
The traditional Indian people were so wise that they experimented with which flavours went well with the particular ingredient. That is why there are certain Indian dishes in which some ingredients are not supposed to be incorporated.

• Which factor is responsible for the appealing look of Indian food?
The chefs are so smart that they only take the incorporation of the particular spice into account if they know that it will neither spoil the flavour of the dish nor the presentation.
For example, Turmeric can not be put in all the dishes because of its colour. But there are other items in which the incorporation of turmeric is required otherwise the dish will not give the vibe to eat.

• Is there any secret for the perfectly cooked dishes?
The use of the right cooking technique for different dishes help in coming up with the properly cooked Indian food item.
For example, The stuffed Arbi leaves cannot be directly fried until they are steam first. If you consider frying them first, then the flavours of the dish will come out to be an extreme disaster.

• How do the chefs know whether the particular ingredient can be a good company for the other?
The beginner’s Indian chefs follow a chart that tells them about the same. Rest, it is the chef’s sense of taste that will help him to know whether the onion is supposed to be used with the coconut or not.


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