Are you a food lover? Here is the best blog for any Indian-Food Lover.

The blog focuses on the best Indian recipes with the use of seasonal stuff and Indian spices. Here we have mentioned some of the questions asked to one of the top food bloggers in India.

Someone has rightly said, ‘There is no Sincere love than the love of food.’ Food lovers are everyone in India. They are always in search of something exquisite and which can match their taste buds. The Indian restaurant is always serving the clients the dishes which taste delicious and fresh. If you are someone who is looking for the best blog for Indian-food then your search is over. In this blog, we are going to talk about bridging the Indian heritage and the delicious recipes that are made in Indian restaurants.

 Best blog for Indian-food lover

The Indian Food bloggers are extremely creative, and they mention the Indian dishes in such a way that people want to just go and eat the food.

Food bloggers are often seen writing about their mother cooking. What is it different from others?

The mother cooking trends are traditional and are quite difficult to match, and they make the food taste even better. Earlier, people used to prefer Indian ingredients and vegetables. Now, even while we cook we look for the recipes which are cooked by our mothers. We try to incorporate local vegetables along with kale, red pepper, garlic scapes, and ingredients famous in different cultures. The Indian spices have such an intense aroma to it that it makes the dish taste better. It is fun to try your mother cooking methods, and make something new.

What are the most often asked questions during your cooking classes?

Students are always curious to know, ‘How does south Indian food differ from North Indian dishes?’

South Indian dishes are all about rice preparations and lentil stews, whereas in the North it is all about the bread and curries. With the South Indian dishes, there is the addition of fruits, vegetable grains, and legumes which make it light to eat. Also, the dishes are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and vegetarian.

There is the use of black mustard seeds, curry leaves, and coconut which makes South Indian dishes unique. Yogurt is an important part of every meal. The North Indian dishes are heavier and richer. They have their taste that cannot be found in any other cuisine.


What are the best places in New York City for shopping or having a bit to eat?

You can find a lot of Indian shops at Midtown at the corner of 28th and Lexington, and my favorite one is Little India Stories and Kalustyans. One of the best dosa carts is in Washington Square and Kati roll company on Company on MacDougal Street.

Tiffin Wallah is best for buffet and on 51st Street the fancy affairs Amma.

If you have more time, then Ganesh Temple’s basement is best as they serve you with a variety of dishes. You should explore it, and you will find a lot of options.

How do you make the choice with sauces and condiments for Indian food?

Different varieties of achaar are made with garlic, tomato, and gooseberry. These are best to serve with dinner or any other meal. The traditional variety of Indian food is something that has a unique taste to it, and being a food lover our priority is to get the homemade taste with the right blend of spices.

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