Indian food: How to enjoy your Indian meal when you visit for dine-in?

So, you are going to have Indian food for the first time. You are not familiar with these traditions and how you need to order when you visit the Indian Restaurant Sydney. Make sure that sometimes all the things you hear about a particular cuisine or its culture are not true, so it is better that you don’t presume anything on your own. In case, your Indian friend has invited you for a party or a special occasion, then make sure to have the best time and do not think about a lot of things.

What happens before the meal?

Initially, if you are visiting your Indian friend’s home or for a party then they will prefer to start everything with entertainment. The Indian people are known for their hospitality. In case you refuse something, they will still ask you to taste even a tiny bit. In Indian traditions, ‘The Guest is considered as the GOD’. Moreover, if you are running 15 to 20 minutes, even then it is perfectly fine for them. Arriving at the venue and that too on time is going to surprise the guest.

Wait for the meal to arrive

Once you visit the place, you should wait for some time for the meal to arrive at the table. Initially, you will be served with drinks, depending on what your host likes or prefers. Along with that some snacks and then lots of reminiscing about the old times & catching up on everyone.

Before having a meal wash the hands

Now, this is what we all love to do. You might not know this but in many rural areas, people prefer to have their meal by sitting on the floor. Many hosts also prefer to serve the buffet-style meal in which different food options are served and it is up to the guest what they would like to have.

Serving the Indian meal

Now, comes the time when you are served the meal. Don’t expect to have individual portions as you will be served different types of dishes. Add how much and what seems to delight your taste buds. At most Indian places, you can expect to get chapati, rice, roti, salad, yogurt, pickles, and lentil dishes. On the side, you can have water or a glass of wine (if served by the host). Although Indian people are into making toast it all depends on what your host prefers.

Healthy and Tasty Food

When you have any Indian meal, no matter where you go you will only get tasty and healthy food. When you have added it to your plate, make sure that you wait for others to start. Indian people like to enjoy their food when everyone is sitting together.

Also, make sure that you only have your food with your right hand, no matter what. Indian people do not prefer to have their food with their left hand, as they want to keep it clean under any circumstances. They prefer to help themselves to pick a bowl/tray or give it to the others.

Your host will offer you more and in case you want to have it or refuse it then let them know straight away. In some cases, sometimes they ask you to have ‘a little more’. It is better that you do not refuse and take some, as it does make them happy. For them it is all about enjoying the meal and making sure when the guest comes into their place, they feel happy.

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