Australian Favorite Non-Vegetarian And Vegetarian Indian Dishes

Indian Food: one of the favorite cuisines of all in the world!

Just like that, Australia is not indifferent to the magic of this beautiful culinary creation that has evoked their talent time and again.

Indian food indeed has a massive fan following in Australia because of the delicious food served in an Indian restaurant. Starting in the early 1960, Indian food has made its name on the biggest Island because of its flavor profile.

And what is there not to love about? You will surely not be able to try out the unbelievable taste of the dishes that will evoke a feeling of excitement and wonder. There is no other cuisine that comes close to what Indian food delivery does.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the undying love of Australia for Indian Food and why. 

Australian Favorite Non-Veg Indian Dishes

Now that we have talked about the popularity of Indian dishes let us focus on the items that have ignited the fire of that popularity.

For non-veg lovers, there are two main courses that you cannot imagine avoiding when in an Indian restaurant or thinking to order Indian food online NSW.

The first is butter chicken, and the other is beef vindaloo. As most of the Australian population consists of non-vegetarians, it is pretty natural to see a hike in butter chicken and other meat dishes. 

  • Butter chicken

The only valid reason for butter chicken to be in the place where it is now is its rich and mild flavor. Most of the time, people associate Indian food with spiciness, but butter chicken cuts through the notion with an easy swipe. The flavor profile of this rich and velvety dish goes very well with the taste bud of Australia. Hence the reason for it being the number 1 dish of all time. Indian food delivery would serve your some butter garlic naan along with it to enjoy the meal.

  • Beef Vindaloo

Whereas vindaloo is a totally different dish from butter chicken. People who are tired and bored of eating butter chicken have their hearts for beef vindaloo. And let me tell you, this dish is not for the light-hearted people. It is spicy and packed with so many spices that you will have difficulty deciphering it all in one go. Order some rice with it, and you can enjoy the flavor more precisely. 

Australian Favorite Veg Indian Dishes

Let us now move toward the menu of veg items in the Indian restaurant. With new lifestyles, people are accepting the life of vegetarians for religious or health purposes. But do not worry, there are tons of options for you in an Indian restaurant.

The two dishes you can see on the table are veg korma and paneer. 

  • Veg korma

It is a melody of different vegetables cooked together in a rich and creamy gravy to make this undeniably the best and light meal with a pinch of healthy nutrients. It goes well with some rice. 

  • Paneer dishes

The vegetarian dish is incomplete without ordering paneer. And there are just so many options to choose from: Kadai paneer, palak paneer, butter paneer, and so on. 

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