Popular Indian Chicken Dishes That Would Awake Your Tastebuds

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Indian cuisine internationally is its aromatic spices. Most people associate Indian Food with hot and spicy, and to be honest, they are not far from the truth. However, India is diverse; you will get to see much more than that. But if you fall in love with the complexities of Indian flavors, then there is no going back; you are stuck with it.

Butter chicken is one of the most iconic dishes in an Indian restaurant in Sutherland Shire. And let me tell you, it is worth every hype. But if you are interested in trying out something more, then you should read this blog to learn some other chicken dishes with a touch of Indian flavors.

 Chicken Recipes In Indian Style That You Must Not Miss

These are some of the most popular chicken items that you can enjoy at the Indian restaurant whenever you visit it. 

  • Dum Biryani Chicken

It is one of the all-time favorite dishes of food lovers around the globe. A layered dish that speaks volumes of its complexities and flavors. Our chef stacked the steam rice and the chicken gravy in a layer and then slowly cooked it in a handi.

A handi is a wide-mouthed, deep cooking vessel having its mouth closed with flour dough. This technique is Dum hence the name of the dish.

The aroma of all the whole spices and herbs will awaken your taste buds from miles. The best way to judge a restaurant is through its biryani; we take pride in ours. 

  • Chicken vindaloo

If you love your chicken spicy and packed with flavors, you should not hesitate to order chicken vindaloo. But what is vindaloo? It is a popular Indian delicacy that originates from the coastal area of Goa.

It is a dish that our chef makes with fiery hot chilies that gives a punch to the whole dish. It has intense, acidic, and vinegar-tinged spicy notes in it. Our chef prepares chicken vindaloo by blending whole spices such as ginger, garlic, chilies, and vinegar together. Serve it with some hot steamy rice to cool down its effects and enjoy the meal wholeheartedly. 

  • Chicken Chettinad

It is one of the most popular curries that hail from the southern region. Chicken Chettinad is a fiery curry that our chef prepares from scratch to give the dish a better flavor and taste.

A number of spices along with freshly grated coconut all together make up the base of the dish. It is undoubtedly a treat to your senses that will blow your mind away.

Some of the masalas that our chef uses to create chicken Chettinad are fennel seeds, black peppercorns, cumin seeds, dry red chilies, coriander seeds, ginger, and garlic.

They dry roast all the spices and then grind them till it becomes a smooth paste. After that, the chef adds some chicken pieces in them and cooks until it’s juicy and tender. Order some naan, rice, or Rotis along with it, and love each bite. 


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