Reasoning which tells the Indian food and grocery industry is rising a lot

Talking about the present market scenario, it is seen that the growth rate is around 15%, which is extremely higher as compared to earlier. If we talk about the Indian retail sector, food and grocery makes a vital part in all ways. Even in the next decades, you can expect to see its highly beneficial growth. It is right to say that the food & grocery future will dominate the market & the increasing percentage is expected to be 50% as the overall retail market. Talking about Indian food, the market size is expected to grow which is the major reason the demand for Indian restaurant is getting attention in Sydney the way no one expected.

The market size of food categories

As a whole, the dry food category is expected to be around 34.7%, especially in India. Whether you talk about cereals, grams & products, grains & other products, sugar, dry fruits, and edible oils & much more, their demand is expected to only go higher & higher.

Prominent food categories which are an important part of the Indian food industry

Milk & dairy food

You know what these are known for having the second-highest share after you talk about the dry food. The dairy industry holds around 16% which we can say about the overall food market. With time it is expected to rise even further which is the key factor you can expect the rise in the dairy industry in all ways. Whether you talk about the rural consumers or urban consumers the demand among both the consumers for the dairy industry is expected to rise in all ways.

Spices are an important part of the Indian meal

If we talk about Indian food, then it is pretty evident that it cannot be made without spices. When the food does not have the right balance of spices and all the right ones, the food will taste bland. Considering the same, spices are added to every Indian meal. If we try to add up in words then the branded market of spices is around Rs 6000 crore which is a huge term in all ways. Talking about Indian market estimation, annually around 5 million tonnes of spices are consumed. Whether you talk about rural or urban markets, both prefer the spices.

Culture is diverse which grabs attention

You know that the culture is extremely different in India as you can see people of different religions coming together and celebrating life. It’s the small things that leave a good impact and that is what is seen in the food options. The endless varieties and options are what grab the attention of foodies from around the world.

Get the actual taste of Indian meal even abroad

It’s just the feeling that you are in Australia and still get to have the taste of an Indian meal. At Sylvania Indian Restaurant we have covered our menu with the best of Indian food options which are loved by the Aussies also. Are you a food fanatic? Try out the Indian food.

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