Sylvania Indian Restaurant: A Heaven For North Indian Cuisine

It is impossible for any other cuisine to fight along with Indian cuisine and win that battle. The dishes curated in the Indian cuisines are exceptionally made with a complex of flavors that are unmatchable.

As India is a diverse country, it is obvious to notice diversity in the food divided by the region. Each region and sector has a set of food that has won many hearts.

The cooking method used in northern states is way different than the cooking style in southern states. Each region has its own dishes which are famous worldwide, but we can not deny the fact that northern states’ dishes are the most sought dishes of all time, especially in an Indian Restaurant In Sydney. It has so many items which are packed with rich spices and flavors that blast in your mouth. 

Serving The Taste Of North India

At Sylvania Indian Restaurant, you get the taste of well-made Indian dishes, which are curated for the taste of all. A fine dining experience that presents the taste of north Indian cooking to enjoy with your family members and friends is the perfect way to sum it up.

With an ambiance that will calm your mind and let you relax for the night out while devouring some of the scrumptious meals. You can also book us for your special events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Our motto is to serve dishes that would only maximize the satisfaction of the customer. The dishes made here are authentic while keeping the integrity of the Indian Dishes intact.

From non-veg to vegetarian dishes, you would be served a variety of dishes that you desire according to your palette. Made with fresh ingredients and Indian desi masala (spices), each dish is to die for.

Apart from our main course, we also serve unbelievable and mouth-watering entrees to begin the journey towards a delicious town. We also have varieties of options for your desert. I mean, how can you end your meal without devouring sweets?

If you are interested in trying out some of the most succulent north Indian dishes. We have made a list of items which you could try at our dining restaurant. 

North Indian Dishes You Must try

  • Butter chicken

How can one forget butter chicken when speaking about North Indian meals? It is one of the most popular dishes that is enjoyed by all. The rich and velvety texture with mild spices and flavors is a buttery affair that is a must-try. 

  • Dal makhani

Straight from the kitchen of north India, dal makhani is one of the staple items which is served on every occasion. It is impossible to hate this creamy, light, and yummy dish. It goes perfectly well with some naan or tandoori roti. They are made of different pulses blended together and stewed with cream. 

  • Paneer tikka masala

If you are a vegetarian, paneer will be like heaven for you. The paneer is frilled in the tandoor oven before adding it to the gravy made of tomato puree and lots of spices. A rich gravy that is packed with spices and flavors that would call your name again and again. 

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