Varieties Of Thalis/ Platters To Quench Your Hunger For Indian Cuisine

Indian thalis For The Win

Indian thali or platter is a perfect way to devour the delicious and comforting Indian food at once. It is an ideal meal for those who are always confused about the menu.

Thali basically translates to plate, but in context to the Indian Thali from a Dining Indian Restaurant in Sydney. It means an Indian-style meal plate that has varieties of dishes all at once. The Indian restaurant places their special dishes or customizes them according to the requirement of the customer on the plate and serves them hot and fresh.

Varieties Of Indian Thalis

Thalis are also categorized on the basis of regions such as Gujarati thali, Punjabi thali, South Indian thali and many more.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the common thalis you can either make at home or order Indian food online NSW. If you love Indian food, you are going to love the idea of having many items at once. It will give a chance to explore the delicious Indian food without any inhibition.

People often wonder about the complexity of Indian food, but the truth is it is a simple cuisine with a comforting undertone.

Let us now look at some of the iconic platters or thalis that would evoke many sensations in you.

Indian Thalis And Platter That You Must Try

The best part of Indian thalis is that you can customize the dishes as per your requirement and add and modify anything from them.

Let us start with some of the most sought-after Indian thalis all around the globe. Get the experience like never before!

  • South Indian Thali

Let us start with our beloved south Indian dishes. In South Indian thali, you will get some scrumptious and mouth-watering items on your plate that you can not look the other way. It mainly contains a few tooth-some dosas, idlis, and vadas, along with some sambar and chutneys such as coconut chutney, spicy and tangy tomato, chilli chutney, and refreshing green coriander chutney.

It is a fulfilling item that would give the taste of different south Indian items all at once. If you are feeling a little fancy, you can also add on some lemon rice to make it more tempting.

  • North Indian Or Punjabi Thali

North India is much more than Punjabi food; but it is undoubtedly the most dominant of all, hence its popularity. Unlike the south Indian thali with its light platter, North Indian thali is packed with rich items.

You can try out North Indian thali either with vegetarian or non-vegetarian items

  • Vegetarian North Indian Thali

On this plate, you will get varieties of vegetarian items such as a paneer dish like Kadai paneer, butter paneer or palak paneer, a simple and comforting tadka daal )lentils, an aloo gobi or any dry vegetables curry, naan and rice. Do not forget the sweet to end the meal.

  • Non-vegetarian North Indian Thali

For non-vegetarians, the chef will exchange the paneer item with a non-veg item such as butter chicken or mutton rogan josh, along with some naan and rice.

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