What are the best Indian eating habits which you should give a try?

Indians and their love for food are exceptional. The food of every region, state, or city is different and best in its way. No doubt, Indian food has one of the most different food cultures in the whole wide world. Being a foodie and as my roots are attached to India, no matter where I go follow the same practices everywhere. If you’re not an Indian and you are planning to visit the Indian Restaurant Sydney for the first time, then it is clear that you don’t know anything about Indian eating habits. Do you want to know about the same? Let’s tell the world what Indian eating habits they should give a try.

Indian eating habits

  • Every day and fulfilling thali meal

If you talk about every Indian home meal, then people love to have or make 1 or 2 kinds of Indian dishes with dal, roti, parathas, & rice. Even for the vegetarian, there are options of various food items like yogurt, savory, and the type of non-veg item they prefer. To complete the meal, people love to have sweets like rasmalai, gulab jamun, ice cream, and much more. With Indian meals, there is the proper balance of all the rasas which makes the Indian food loved in every sense.

  • Eating food with hands

Do you know a way to engage all your 5 senses: Smell, taste, hearing, sight, and touch? Try out eating the food with your hands. This option will take your culinary level to a whole new world. Eating hot rotis, parathas, or pooris dipped in dal, or creamy gravy & then licking the fingers to clean your hands. It will help you enjoy the food even more.

  • Use of spices

If you travel from India to any other country, then you might complain that the food is bland! This is because many of the meals only have salt & pepper, which is not going to give the food the taste the Indian meal has. When it comes to Indian meals, there are around 5 to 15 spices in every single dish. Just Imagine! How any Indian meal would taste bland!

  • An endless number of vegetarian food

You won’t find any other place where vegetarian food is served with such intricate details. The best part of the vegetarian meal is that you will get to have the right amount of vegetables. In addition, you can try out different options of salad. If you would like to have an art form in terms of food, then Indian vegetarian food is the best choice. With time, the demand for Indian food is also increasing.

  • Number of non-alcoholic beverages

If you are someone who doesn’t like to have alcoholic beverages, then the Indian menu will fulfill your taste bud needs. It is not just about soft drinks, tea, juice, or coffee as you can have anything. You can try chai (tea), chhas, lassi, jaljeera, sherbet, masala doodh, flavored sodas, nimbu pani, or anything you name it, you can have that.

  • Different variety of bread

The Indian food menu has several great bread options. You can have soft roti which has a perfect spread of ghee, naan with garlic & butter. That’s not all, you can have different kinds of stuffed parathas like aloo (potato), paneer (cheese), pyaaz (onion), & much more. Wait! How can one forget Makki ki roti (one of the most loved Punjabi dishes), and much more? Are you convinced or should I tell you more…

Eat with your family

Eating food with your family is one tradition that binds Indian people together. Everything sitting at the dinner table, enjoying a meal, and getting the time to spend with the family.

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