What are the delectable Indian dishes you need to give a try at least once?

Indian food is Intimidating

Well! When someone tries to have Indian food, it takes few attempts and once they get the hang of the flavors, there is no going back. Indian cuisine is known for its exciting and exotic flavors. If you are going to take your Australian friend to Indian Restaurant Sydney for the first time, then make sure to get them introduced to the dishes. For the foodies, it will be a whole new world to try something new. With the Indian platter, you will find everything from hot, sour, spicy, and sweet. Let’s make you understand about the Indian dishes which you ask others to not miss out on.


With each culture, you will find several snack options. For Indians, one of the most favorable options is samosas and the filling can be anything.

What are the ingredients in samosa?

Samosa filling can be of anything and everything. You might get it with a filling of onions, tomato, chickpea-filled samosa along with sweet & sour chutney. At some places, you can have a samosa filled with potatoes or noodles.


The outer covering is made of flour which is given the shape of a triangle and deep-fried in oil, till the time they get golden brown. With this option, simple spices are added so that it is in the comfort zone of everyone.


Pakoras are made of veggies and it even includes chicken. It is categorized as a snack food that allows you to make your entire dining experience perfect. With pakoras, you can have staple food like onion, eggplant, potatoes, cauliflower, or similar. The pakoras are deep-fried. You can even have paneer pakora and the one made of spinach pakoras. Indian foods have the specialty of chutneys which will only expand your palate.

Saag Paneer

Many people begin to try Indian food by considering this dish. With this dish, you will enjoy the veggie base, spinach, and it is paired with paneer. All of them are infused together with several Indian spices.

Vegans also have an option to try and they can add tofu instead of cheese which will give the best experience.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is also loved by many people. The bright reddish chicken color is filled with neutral flavors of the chicken. The chicken is roasted and flavored with cayenne, chile, turmeric, and paprika which gives an added kick to the dish.

tandoori chicken

If your friend is looking to try the delectable and best chicken type, then we are here serving you the best. The dish is prepared with different spices and it has a yogurt-based sauce.

Chana Masala

It is one of those vegetarian dishes which you should not miss out on. This dish is made with chickpeas and then different ingredients like onions, peppers, chopped tomatoes, and a blend of different spices.

Channa masala

To end it on a sweet note you can try various desserts like rasgullas, kheer (rice pudding), gajar ka halwa, and many more.

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